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Merry Christmas

Posted on Dec 24, 2014 by | 2 comments


Merry Christmas!!

Christmas preparations have been a blast this year. Anna is so excited about the whole ordeal. She points out all nativities we see and we enjoy all the decorations. Her December edition of the Friend magazine is very special to her. She adores the stories in it and really took to heart one about all the service we do is our present for Jesus Christ. If I show signs of stress she reminds me that we need to be happy for Jesus because it is almost his birthday.


Isaac’s first ornament


A new addition from Houston

We didn’t educate Anna about Santa too much. When my father asked her what she was going to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas, she told him “I don’t need anything.” And when we visited Santa and she sat on his lap, she didn’t really know how to respond when he asked what she would like for Christmas. He finally offered “do you want a Frozen doll or maybe a barbie doll?” “Oh, uhm yeah, a barbie doll.” I literally didn’t even know she knew what a barbie was. But she loved visiting him and had quite a magical time at Bass Pro, with bows to shoot and a carousel to ride.


Anna helped me with all my Christmas card writing. She loved drawing snowflakes and snowmen in the cards. She helped stuff and lick. I loved how she drew her friends holding her hand when the card was for one of her closest playmates. She spontaneously wrote a letter to Santa herself and just listed the things she is doing good. “Dear Santa,” she had me help her spell out. Then she drew a dishwasher, a hand, and two people because she helps with the dirty dishes, tries to not suck her thumb, and plays with her little brother. She is such a good girl and I’m sure Santa will make note of that.


We drove around looking at Christmas lights a few times. I taught Anna our old family tradition of the first person to see it says “oooooh” and the next person says “ahhhhh” when they spot it too. Anna felt like Dad might be left out of the game if there wasn’t a third thing to do so she made it a rule to say “aren’t those pretty lights” if you were the third person to see the lights.

DSC_2191 DSC_1864

We made peanut butter blossoms. And we had to inform my seminary students that was the name of such cookies. “Yeah, you know, the peanut butter cookies with a kiss on top. What do you call them?” I asked. “Well, just that,” they told me. Sigh. Anna was a pro at unwrapping hershey’s kisses, I’m not sure where she learned that.

DSC_2188 2014-12-06 16.17.51

We are all looking forward to Christmas morning. I hope you have a very merry Christmas, too!


  1. We loved getting your Christmas card this year! Your family is so beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks Grace!! You are so sweet. I was happy to see all the updates from Botetourt this Christmas from you guys too.

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