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Isaac turns 1

Posted on Apr 26, 2015 by | 1 comment


My One Year Old Boy

My little boy is getting big. Happy First Birthday little man!

(As of the end of March:) Isaac is taking over my house. His walking takes him everywhere, the pantry, the craft table, the dining room piano. We took away the tubs when he figured out to climb over them. He is climbing on everything, chairs, couches, and even the tubs. His favorite place to sit is in the green rocking chair that is Jacob’s favorite. He wants to be just like Dad. He rocks and dances but mostly sits. We finally broke down and bought a baby wall to keep him in the living room, it has been so handy. But I love having him with me when I cook. He has his own cabinet filled with tupperware and wooden spoons. It keeps him busy sometimes with drumming, stacking, and general investigation.Birthday-2Birthday-3

The week before his birthday he went wild padding his stats. Waving, kissing, climbing and balancing. He even sometimes says “hi” while he waves.Birthday-10He has really started eating finger foods without a problem. He wasn’t doing so well before he could walk, so much choking. But a friend saw him devour a few of his sister’s goldfish and suggested frozen peas. He loved it; I think it helped his teeth that are coming in feel better. Since then he’ll try anything, bread, chicken nuggets, sweet potato bites. I’ve been trying to cook lots of veggies for him, our fall back side is always salad so I’ve had to get creative.Birthday-4

My son is beyond wonderful, but the clinginess around year one for both of my kids is relentless. Anna wouldn’t let anyone else hold her during our baby’s first birthday trip to Daytona Beach. Isaac has been making every Sunday so so hard as well as a few grocery trips. He is usually a happy go-with-the-flow kind of kid but that birthday man. 🙂 Maybe it’s the teething?Birthday-9 Birthday-8

Right before his birthday we headed to the zoo to enjoy the riverbank. It is so much fun. I sure got a workout holding Isaac up the entire time but he loved it! We splashed, chased Anna, and even met some new friends. Trips there will be a regular thing this summer but I was excited he wanted to join in the fun. He is really doing that a lot recently, telling us all about his desires and trying to communicate.Birthday-7 Birthday-6

My poor son was sick on his birthday. This momma got plenty of nostalgic time while cuddling my snuggly boy. But it isn’t a birthday without cake so we still gave him a cupcake. We had a small celebration, just the four of us. Isaac had his fill of cake quickly but ate more of it than his sister did at that age!Birthday-14 Birthday-12 Birthday-11

Isaac has been such a blessing this past year. We love seeing him develop into a fun little guy, a playmate for us and for Anna. He has even shown some desire to start helping (unload the dryer, get a book to read off the shelf, share food). We love our little Isaac! He’s given so much purpose to my days and driven me to learn to be a better mom. I’m so grateful to see him and our little family grow. We’re glad you were sent to us, Isaac Bo-bi-zik.Birthday-5

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