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Winter Crafts

Posted on Apr 8, 2016 by | 2 comments

2016-01-16 15.44.15We were hemmed in a lot this winter. As a family, we are still getting used to winter again after a few wonderfully warm years in Texas. But the kids and I stayed busy doing crafts, baking, reading a ton of books including Little House in the Big Woods and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Jacob also took us on a few adventures like to the science museum in Martinsville and I took Anna to her first play, our local children’s theater production of Rapunzel.2016-02-06 19.02.25

But crafts bring Anna and I together. We were ecstatic when Jacob unpacked our glue and construction paper. And Anna went wild. She also loves to experiment, I’m not quite sure where she got that from though. So anytime I get out the eye droppers and baking soda she can have fun for a while. One time she made concoctions with chili powder, that was a fragrant clean up I’ll tell ya. 2016-01-25 15.10.50 2016-02-08 12.07.19 2016-02-05 16.08.48

After buying this house and reading We Bought a Zoo, I feel for them. They had to live in the old house and keep the animals safely inside their inclosures. We weren’t quite that crazy, we just made our own zoo. And only the monkeys need to watch out for the crocodiles.2016-02-18 14.03.34 2016-02-08 13.25.11

Isaac mostly colored or played next to us. But recently he has been more and more interested in using our tools. He is learning to use scissors by “chomping the alligator.” In hindsight, this may have been a foolish way to teach him, I’m terrified that I will soon lose a finger while holding his paper but it has been nothing but fun so far.2016-02-24 11.35.43 2016-01-23 18.48.21 2016-01-12 18.46.09

Playdough! I make toys for them like this and it is just too much fun. But when I get busy in the kitchen they both want to be in there too. Isaac say “stool” and Anna asks to help. I have a growing army of mixers, whiskers, and taste testers.

2016-01-06 11.50.022016-01-06 11.50.18

We made a car wash out of this awesome newsprint. A local newspaper sells their endrolls and we take advantage. My table almost always has a layer of it on top for coloring and creating. The kids also had a tea-part one afternoon, serving counting bears as food and drink to their friends and dinosaurs. Boys bring a new dimension to pretend play for sure.

2016-02-25 09.41.242016-02-05 11.12.38

And there is always time for legos! Jacob is the main creator of the two of us. He loves helping Anna create and dream. Isaac spends all day with lego cars and people, switching heads and hats. Everyone needs a hat in his book. He just loves the little world and the little people.

2016-01-17 21.52.13 2016-02-03 14.06.45

I’ve been doing lots of math with Anna at home, geoboards, shapes, measuring, baking, all the fun stuff. She always wants to show off her creations afterwards.

2016-01-21 14.00.23 2016-02-20 10.59.48



  1. I don’t know how you do all this while also growing a human! You must be super-mom. 🙂

    • You are so sweet, Ruth! I would post about all my pregnancy couch-sitting but that would be a lot of the same picture >.< Thankfully I have these kids to keep me getting up and saving them from boredom.

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