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A New Serger

Posted on May 12, 2008 by | 0 comments

I drove home late Saturday night, and my parents had my birthday gifts waiting for me. After my meet on Friday and the stressful day packing a loving family (and some attention) was just what I needed. I got a new shirt my mommy sewed for me, and a new bathing suit. It is perfectly fitting! It has a dress look to it, so it isn’t form-fitting like a normal swimsuit. yay! I love it. And that wasn’t even the best part. I was unwrapping the largest gift and saw the box said baby lock, I asked mom if the box meant anything, because we are the kinda family that puts the girls’ gifts in big and tall boxes. She was like: does it ever? So my hopes of an awesome cool serger were diminshed but then I opened the box to the styrofoam and I got all excited and then I found my serger!! Mom and dad really did get me one! I was so excited I even did a little dance right there in the living room. Yay! Daddy helped me oil it, and I’ve already threaded it and mom helped me set the tension. I’m using it on my new skirt, it works perfectly, mom says the stitch is prettier than hers, hehe. I’m just happy I have one 😀 Happy Birthday to me.

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