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White Fabric? Check.

Posted on May 21, 2008 by | 1 comment

Mom and I drove to Floyd today to purchase my wedding dress fabric. It took us hours of digging through bolts of white fabric: satin, organza, silk, lace. But we found what we wanted: a heavy satin for the main dress; a flowery lace to excite the bodice and sleeves; a simple organza for the godet, a simple background for mom’s hand embroidery. The day also involved a call to the temple (and one to Jacob for the #, during which we were both short with each other, lol), to check about beads. Anyway, mom and I took large steps in the dressmaking process today, earlier this week we purchased the pattern for the skirt, now we just need one for the bodice. But the drive to Floyd was gorgeous, and one I had never done, it was a fun roadtrip: yay for mommy/daughter bonding!

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  1. I bet your dress is going to be amazing!

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