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Double Trouble

Posted on Jun 18, 2008 by | 0 comments

Last night, yes on a Tuesday, Jacob and I went on a double date with two singles from our home ward. We had so much fun. We went geocaching, Daniel had wanted to go on a hike but the parks close early around NN. So we hit a ‘canal trail’ in Poquoson. And somehow, I guess eight eyes are better than four, we found all the caches we searched for. The first one we didn’t find but came back to at the end. The entire time we tried to leave a blue Book of Mormon in one of them, but they were all either considerably or just a hair to small for it. Jacob even tried to leave on under a lamp post and next to some unopened gatorades, lol. But instead we kept it and in the last cache (which was our first attempt) we were able to leave it. And the suspense, the frustration of not being able to share it, made that last find just that much sweeter, and satisfying. 😀

After some digging in the woods we needed a less, uh, natury scene, so we went to a kids play area next to the local high school. It was mostly made out of tires, and so much fun. Perfect for us young at heart. Kelly was queen of the tire pile and I spun Jacob around on the tire swing until he was green ha. It was so much fun, I know I keep saying that but it was and it was so refreshing giving all of our attention to other people. This date kind of made me realize how much Jacob and I live in our own little world, but I love reaching out to other people just as Jacob does. Yesterday was about the two of them, and making sure they were having a good time and good conversation and minimizing awkwardness. I’m not gunna lie, I failed on that last part but thats just because I’m awkward, but it was all alright. It was nice to step outside our bubble, I hope we can continue to do so. And I hope that Jacob and I keep, like Christina would say, ‘adventure dating.‘ I mean I also hope we find some time to sleep soon, lol, but dating is important too!

I’m so grateful for our experience with the book, and everything with Dan and Kelly. They were both so much fun, she was so free and he was so sweet, and both of them were so smart.

Oh and just so you know: you can’t feminize Indiana (as in Jones) by adding an ‘a’ to the end, perhaps try ‘Indianette.’ And don’t kiss random toads, they might be and probably are venomous. And Collin Raye can apparently calm spiders, if you need to do that sort of thing ;D

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