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I’ve been tagged…

Posted on Jun 29, 2008 by | 3 comments

You see, Kathleen “tagged” me. And although I was scared for my life, for real, I don’t think I was going to do this, but then Sarah jumped on the ‘”tag” Becca train’ so here I am, posting chain surveys, for my girlfriends, ha.
Question 1:
What are the 5 things on your To Do List?
1. Sleep
2. Have a long chat with Kate, I miss not being her roommate
3. Cut Jacob’s hair
4. Finish Isaiah
5. Find a way to prevent photobleaching on my films at work

Question 2:
Name 5 Snacks You Love
1. Ritz and cheddar, sometimes pepperoni or ham as well
2. Homemade cookies!
3. Jacob 😉 (nom, nom, nom)
4. a pack of nabs
5. Cool Ranch Doritos (the only ranch flavored item I have ever enjoyed)

Question 3:
Name 5 Things You Would Do if you Suddenly Became a Millionaire
1. Dance in the street, in a new pair of comfy leather sandals
2. Put the rest in the Bank.
3. Perhaps quit track, lol, depends on how the fall goes.
4. Once we are married, let Jacob work from home.
5. And buy him Wii Fit.

Question 4:
Name 5 Places You Have Lived
1. Catawba, VA
2. Santa Cruz, Bolivia (for a month)
3. Williamsburg, VA
4. Charles City, VA (during the summers of my youth)
5. that’s it.

Question 5:
Name 5 Jobs You Have Had
1. Label Sticker/Bulk Mail organizer
2. Hogwarts Headmistress
3. Forklift Driver
4. Discus Thrower
5. Cat/House Sitter

Question 6:
5 Things People Don’t Know About Me
1. I hate the hassle of closing the door to pee.
2. I’d love ATVing more if I didn’t get so dirty (as in, I sometimes only act like a country girl).
3. I only love watching sports I’ve never played, otherwise I wish I was out there. (exception: hockey, but only kind of an exception because I played roller- and love to watch ice-)
4. I have to try hard everyday not to hit someone (at least jokingly), I can be a bit too physical.
5. I used to pretend I was a ballerina and gymnast in my swimming pool at home. I was pretty good. 😉

I shan’t torture anyone and “tag” them 😉 jk ladies, but this one is definitely for my two married Beauties!


  1. i NEVER close the door to pee. that is one of the great things about marriage! and i love that jacob is your favorite snack… gross, but cute!

  2. Yay for participating! You know Kathleen and I are such bad influences.

    “Hogwarts Headmistress” Is this something us muggles just wouldn’t understand? Or were you just wondering if anyone would notice you threw that in?

    And also kudos on Jacob being your favorite snack 😉 I still remember at the fashion show and somehow the topic of conversation ended up with you saying something about me trying to fit Joshua’s ear in my mouth and him and I shot each other a look and giggled at you until you were just like, “Ew… nevermind.” Haha… now you understand 😉

  3. first of all, I think I had blotted that memory out of my mind 😉 and second of all, er, let’s just say I was really into both the internet and Harry Potter in my middle school years, haha.

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