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Posted on Jun 16, 2008 by | 3 comments

Ok guys. Happy Father’s Day to all you chikas out there that read this, lol. I love my daddy. And I love that Jacob is going to be the father of my children. ok, too far for like blog post 9? perhaps, ha. But he is so much fun, and full of love. I know he is so excited to care for children and of course play with them (not like they will be coming around anytime soon….).

But back the present. I have some important news for anyone who has bookmarked my blog: I’m moving my blog to (or redirecting it to) So you should change your links or whatevs. Jacob bought me the domain name and I love it, it matches our other wonderful websites, ha, but is just for me! Thanks, hun! Oh and I got him to start journaling (er, blogging whatever) again today. He is such a quick typer, it’s a tad intimidating. But whatever, if I remember correctly, the tortoise won.


  1. Love the new domain! And even better that it was a present from Jacob. How cute!

  2. Oh the website that “matches” is It’s his like dating advice site, lol, that’s pretty much just a collection of our dates.

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