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One Year

Posted on Jun 13, 2008 by | 1 comment

So apparently Kathleen found me today, lol. Hi Kathleen! Anyway, I’ve been sick for the last week, and the awesome amazing news today is that I don’t have mono, yay for blood tests. I think I feel better even just knowing that I won’t be sick for weeks. Jacob and I have determined that we are not allowed to be under the weather/sick/uber tired at the same time. There needs to be at least one in good spirits to lift the other, otherwise we should just sleep until one of us is in the position to lift the other, haha.

But Monday the 9th was our one year anniversary of our first date! Dan gave a good lesson on temples for FHE, which reminded us of our few, but very special, trips to the temple, and of course where we will be at the beginning of next year! So then we set out to find a thrift store for our five-dollar-gift date. Which, sadly, was ruined because all the stores close at 8 around here. So we ended up at expensive target. And the only things other than plates and kitchen utensils under $5 were a few card games that we either had or did not wish to acquire. So I suggested we pool our budgets for a cute picnic basket, he agreed but we ended up putting it back because well we don’t go on picnics, ha. So I bought him a piggy bank instead, that was over budget but I said he could pay me back by starting to save in it, he promised he would.

This is him with a different piggy bank, a, er, “pigskin” bank. Haha, it really was football colored.
After wandering around in the store for a bit we found some chairs to chill in, ah relaxation. But Jacob left with a new quarter-holder. And yes my OCD (or CDO, alphabetized as it should be), monk-like fiance does NOT mix his coinages. He has a cute little mission pig, I think his g-ma made him that is full of dimes, no pennies or nickels, just dimes. ..

We got kicked out of the UC. We were looking up geocaches for our double date next week and a lady was like, uh yeah, I’m locking up… I was like they actually lock this building?? but apparently they do.

The last but not least, towards the end of the night we were talking and I said something about how grateful I was to not be alone while experiencing certain things, aka having an awesomely supportive boyfriend and now fiance, and he replied: You will never be alone again, except for a short reprieve. lol, like I need a “reprieve” from him, but I just thought it was so sweet. Happy One Year, my love.

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  1. Awww… you two are disgustingly cute… hmmm… seems like you were telling me that about Joshua and I a year ago 😉
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

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