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The Hair Cut (part 1)

Posted on Jun 29, 2008 by | 1 comment

So it all started with two things: a) dangerous blog-hopping, involving a frugality site and b) a boy with long hair desiring a change. After ‘tute, we were looking for a date, the night was nice so we ended up deciding on ice cream and the park. As Jacob and I were walking into Coldstone, I just blurted out, “can I cut your hair?” He replied, “sure.” “Really?” I asked. And we didn’t even make it through the door before we were on our way to Walmart, the only other thing open past 9 in the ‘burg. So we bought the kit, and well it was late so he only let me do his neck, but that was the worst thing to me. The kit we found came with a cape, and I have a hand-held shower head in my bathroom, so I felt like a genuine hairdresser for a night. He was very trusting and he gave some hints for what he kind of remembered from his last trips to the hair cuttery. And yes, I admit, the closest thing I’ve gotten to hairdressing before has been a flowbee, so he had the right to be frightened but he wasn’t for some reason. He even stated: I’m a bit calmer than I think I should be. lol. The kit was cheap and truly crappy, we took it back and got one a ULTA, a cosmetics store, hopefully it will be better and enable me to finish the job I started on Wednesday. and now for the picture show:

oh my goodness he is so sexy in a black cape! 😉 and, perhaps surprisingly, also in a hawaiian shirt! (a fluke purchase at Old Navy that actually looks good)
And although, perhaps not exactly straight (don’t tell him that), this is so much better than his swooshy, flip-out-length hair.

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  1. i wish kyle had said desire to change… cute cape! i bet it did make you feel more official/confident. i not only WANT one but NEED one. every time we plan to go get his hair cut he ends up having to work early!!! you did a fantastic job!!

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