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A Theta Weekend

Posted on Jul 15, 2008 by | 1 comment

So my amazing bestest friends from home came to visit me this weekend! They drove up on Friday and they just made my whole summer, :D. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them, they aren’t that big into shopping and considering that stores and theme parks are what make up Williamsburg I was drawing a blank. But we did everything that we wanted and found some entertainment and they didn’t feel like tourists too much since they had me, hehe.

We started with the cheese shop, always a good start for CW.

After a scrumptious, very filling meal, I showed them the streets of CW. Grace thoroughly enjoyed the smell/presence of horse poo. We walked around ’till past dark. We then returned to my dorm for a night of euchre (just don’t say elephant) and (for them) sleeping on the floor. To be honest, I’m surprised they fit, because dorm rooms are small.

In the morning we decided to make pancakes. I had bought eggs for them so I insisted that we make them, they weren’t too excited about them but I was. I found out that I still don’t like eggs too much, which amused them (because I almost made them make scrambled eggs).

After breakfast we decided to go to Jamestown, I took them up the parkway and we just enjoyed our morning. We visited the settlement (the re-created Jamestown), it was fun we got to see lots of blonde native Americans and learned the difference between an English axe and an African axe.

Alright so this picture is very creepy.
Especially with Emily’s tilted head.

This one is better. “Just around the riverbend.”
I sang for them.
On the captian’s deck of the Santa something…

“I want to hide behind the barrel.”

After Jamestown we went to the Carrot Tree, where our waitress decided to continue this trip’s tradition of knocking over drinks, except this one was full of tea. eek, luckily, however, her skirt was alright.

Emily’s parents, awesomely, paid for our brunch at the Trellis. It was amazing!!! I got a cranberry juice and it totally looked like an alcoholic beverage…lol. We had a blast, even if I wasn’t the most prim or proper guest 😉 They shouldn’t let me get a salad if they don’t want me to have vegetables hanging out of my mouth, especially fun spirally beets ;D Carrie wasn’t scared of getting drink spilled upon her until we kept asking her why she wasn’t, then she did get ancy , hehe.

Plus, as the menu promised, the waiter ‘tempted’ us (with desserts).

I was so happy they got to come visit me, I’ve spent my last two summers away from them and now the Fowlers are going away to school too. I loved showing them my campus and my work. What a fun weekend.

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  1. Fun, fun! Joshua and I always wanted to eat at Trelis and yet, it never happened. Perhaps we will when we’re there NEXT WEEK!!! 🙂 (Shhh…. we’re planning to crash singles on the 27th so I’ll see you then!)

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