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A Thrifty Excursion

Posted on Jul 8, 2008 by | 0 comments

Saturday, Jacob came over to help me move, but considering I wasn’t packed and we had really wanted to go garage sale-ing and I didn’t want to move out until they came home anyway, we took off in search of junk! It was early afternoon when we got to the house that had advertised a yard sale until 3 but there was no sign of a sale of any sort. So we headed back to civilization for some lunch.

Hence the awesome showcase of my photography. This masterpiece above this text is of a salsa dish and my handsome fiance. All I can say is one word: damp.
Below is a picture from the past. Jacob and I were at a thrift store and we passed the tie rack, I love tie racks, but anyway I picked out this one for him. This tie had Taz and Washingtons on it, oh baby. He was like, “I used to own that tie, I think I gave it to my brother. He wears it a lot.” odd, I’m happy he doesn’t still own it though hehe.

Next in our showcase is the ever popular awkward visual/situational irony. I’m pretty sure in such a situation, white is out as a choice of color for the wedding dress:

The last, but best story of our Saturday thrift store excursion. The whole point, for your information, of our garage sale-ing and thrift shopping was the search for piggy banks, Jacob filled up his dime bank (yes, he seperates his change, and yes, I love him anyway). We found a bank for his pennies on Friday, but we still needed another one. In our last stop we found two:He picked up the pig, but after some inspection decided that the mouth coin hole wasn’t the brightest design. I said “well, what about the clown?” “No way, it’s freaky looking.” I thought too myself, oh ok….wait. “And the pig, isn’t freaky looking.” “Yeah…I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.” Sometimes he is a tad odd. But shopping with him is so much fun, especially since he bought me a cute skirt 😉

I would also like to add, on the fourth we hit up one Goodwill and found: a nice tie, a tin coin bank, and a couple toys, including a kite! Maybe one day we will be able to get up early enough for yardsale-ing, Jacob loves haggling too much for thrift stores, hehe.

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