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A Very Temple-y Saturday

Posted on Jul 20, 2008 by | 1 comment

Yesterday, Jacob and I went up with some other singles to the D.C. Temple. It was beautiful weather and traffic going up was great. Jacob took me into the temple’s foyer (I’d never been) and asked how to get the names done. You have to go over the bridge, so I got to sit in the foyer and wait for my love to return. The couch was a bazillion times more comfy than what I would have expected, and the paintings were gorgeous. I loved the feeling, the calm and peace, I felt. And I liked watching everyone go in. It’s really cool how they have it set up, so that only one can go in a time, just so orderly, like a house of the Lord should be.

Jacob got my family names printed out, 😀 and we went down to the baptistry. Drew was already down there, she hadn’t been in a while so I was so happy that we got to go in. The group that was scheduled for 10:30 let us in with them, they were small in numbers anyway, like the DC 1st Spanish speaking. It was cool because half of the ordinances I was present for were said in Spanish. I recognized a few words from my previous study and from being to the temple before but the feelings were the same. Their bishop was the person performing the baptism and I was the proxy for my Grandmother, and other various ancestors of mine. It felt so good doing the work and knowing all the effort I had put into this work helped my family potentially come closer to Christ. Jacob was the proxy for my Grandfather, that was so special. I am so happy we had that opportunity yesterday, we’d been working towards it for a while 😀 There were some challenges and small hurdles that worried me but it all worked out, yay.

On a sider note, Jacob bought some new suits yesterday!! The suit salesman was picking out various ones and I suggested a black with a pinstripe. He pulled out this very fine pinstripe, or maybe crowded is the word, like they were within a half inch of each other. Jacob put on the jacket and I said something about a gangster (aka mobster) and as he was looking in the mirror he said “I need a tommy gun to wear this, don’t I?” Then the salesman was like, “tommy Hilfiger, what?” He was a different kind of dude, and apparently had never heard of a tommy gun.

Also, yesterday we got to go to Ruth and Mike Mann’s Wedding reception #2. It was so good to see them and their family, all happy and look at all the pictures she had gotten together of them, as kids and as a couple. It was really chill with just some nice music and conversation, I’m so happy they gave us this other opportunity to celebrate with them. Oh and Kathleen and Kyle showed up. It was a very fun evening.

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