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Miss Betty Sue

Posted on Jul 27, 2008 by | 1 comment

Jacob and I went shopping yesterday. We had to take back these shoes he got that were two different sizes. We had gotten them at this mall at the end of Richmond rd. And the mall was having and indoor “street fair.” So we decided to stroll it to see if there was anything interesting. We passed a lot of food that Jacob desired and some purses. Once we passed this booth with veterans sitting at it. The booth had some wooden figurines and dust collectors, I pointed to the golf clubs and was like, “look golf clubs,” then I pointed at the figurine couple, like a grandma and grandpa and said, “look, old people.” Jacob was deathly embarrassed and hoped that the old people (the veterans who were sitting right behind the item I was pointing at)didn’t hear me.

On we wandered until my eye caught a bright yellow cow. As my eyes focused, the slit in the spine of her back was reveled and I squealed with excitation. I ran up to the glass box and showed Jacob my find. A lady behind the counter asked if I would like a chance to win it, “it’s free,” she added. Jacob and I were like, “YES!” So the point was to stand behind the line and toss the little magnets they gave us into the square she said too. It definitely wasn’t the biggest square on the board but little did she know she was handing her magnets to a professional thrower. Normally I throw for distance, so naturally, my first magnet went over the board. The next was the correct height but way too far left (not my usual style ;)). But my third, and final, attempt landed on the magnetic frame of the square. Jacob and I were both heartbroken, with our puppy-dog eyes we asked if that was close enough? She said for you guys, yes. YAY, so I felt like a country boy at a county fair winning his girl a stuffed bear. He was so grateful (he’s been looking for a dime bank for a while) and I thought she was soooooo cute! We named her Betty Sue, very fitting. And strapped her in for the dangerous drive. Don’t tell PETA, however, that we left her in the car while we did some more shopping. (Carrie: she’s still alive unlike those unfortunate chinchillas. 🙁 )

The little pink thing right above Betty’s head is my magnet!

All day we drove her around, I held her on our short trips but on the long drive home Jacob buckled in sweet Betty for safety:

Sweet little miss Betty Sue

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  1. How very fortunate for you piggy. The chinchilla event was quite unfortunate.

    Your tale of the old people reminds me of a specific incident involving the statement “But he's deaf!”


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