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Posted on Jul 23, 2008 by | 2 comments

I taught RS this past Sunday. It was on the consolation we can find in death. This wasn’t an easy lesson to prepare, but it was a surprisingly easy lesson to give (*whew*). But anyway, Rebekah added a good comment saying that it is so comforting to know that our souls will rejoin with our bodies after the resurrection because we love our bodies! It is so important to us to hold each other (hands, hugs, etc), and be near to family; proximity to those we love is key to our happiness. I can’t even explain how true I find that to be.

For example, today I got mad at my Jacob. I didn’t mean to, and I won’t excuse myself, I suppose all I can say is I couldn’t find any dishes I liked, it was hot, and Jacob said something that contradicted my mother’s advice and on this particular point I sided with her, plus I’m an immature brat sometimes. So when he arrived at the mall, where I had been, I was already grumpy at him…but he had driven so far to see me. After some fighting and, finally, a step in the right direction (back to not being mad/grumpy) I told him all I had wanted was a hug, since the moment I saw him. And he said me too! So we hugged. It felt so amazing, just standing in that parking lot, holding each other. And while doing so I knew we could work it out, that we could press forward and be ok, that we are together in this (and sometimes against this) world, period.

Moral of the story: Hug it out!


  1. oh my heck. i was scrolling through really quickly and i though proximity said PREGNANCY!!! i was FREAKING right out!! i am glad you are not pregnant and was very excited to see you last week. it will be nice to be in close proximity to YOU. kyle and i were just talking about how little kids are so happy because they are always touching everyone and everything hahah!

  2. Proximity is unbelieveably important! When Joshua and I were apart it was killer! Things were going wrong and often I felt like if we could just be in person, to hug and kiss, and then communicate face to face then we could work everything out so much easier. As you know after 2 months I couldn’t take it any longer and hopped a plane for Texas! Granted, the spirit urged me to do so fo the sake of our relationship. And then a month later we were married… not easily… but at least we were finally together again!!!

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