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Sabbath Activities

Posted on Jul 29, 2008 by | 3 comments

Sundays are the day Jacob and I love best. We get to cuddle, er, hold hands in church for a while and enjoy the spirit of the day. We get to cook together and relax from our usual daily cares. This is especially nice during the school year for me, sometimes it puts some more stress (or less Jacob time, wait same thing…) on my Friday nights and sometimes my Saturdays but let me tell you not having anything to worry about on Sunday is so worth it.

This Sunday I was extra excited about being productive and righteous. I just wanted to be a little bit better (maybe that’s because I started Temple Prep on Sunday but I hope I always want to be just a little bit better). Like I said, I was just a bit more enthusiastic than normal. So Jacob suggested that we throw out some of our bad movies. Let me explain a bit first, we’ve been collecting VHSs from everywhere, flea markets, co-workers, freecycle. A lot of the movies we have never seen, some we have never heard of, and as I discovered on Sunday, even includes some un-family-friendly movies, like Austin Powers. So we picked out some that we know we would never watch or want anyone else to watch and well we tore them to pieces!

Jacob’s first attempt at being cute involved some “bling” watch out fitty-cent, my boo is gang-STA!
So then I wanted to destroy one. Jacob stuck the screw driver in (apparently it is a requirement) and I started to unwind it, this was taking too long so I started running all over the house, up and down the stairs to pull out a lot of it. I didn’t get very far before getting tired so he went next and started wrapping me up. Very mummy-ish.
Needless to say, he was a bit dizzy after running around me about a billion to the third times. I blame the next picture on his “hangover.” This is my gay/cross dressing fiance:
Feel free to worry for me.

But yay for cleaning up the world, one VHS (or three) at a time. Other fun activities we explored included finishing our 72-hour kits, blogging (as you can see), recapping our class together today and talking about the classes we are in that the other doesn’t go to (Relief Society and Elders’ Quorum). Those last things might be my fave, and I think we will be having a lot more of those now that we are in Sister Redfern’s class, heh.


  1. I love temple prep with Sister Redfern! She is an awesome teacher and who doesn’t love the temple?!

  2. you guys are seriously SO PERFECT for each other. stop all the cuteness before i barf!!!

  3. Good for you two! Way to set the example and better yet, get your “family” off to a good start beggining with the foundation, you and Jacob 🙂

    I miss temple prep with Sister Redfern! She’s the BEST! And I’m so glad she was at Joshua’s and mine sealing so she could further advise us after we were overwhelmed with the experience of receiving our endowments.

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