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Posted on Jul 2, 2008 by | 1 comment

Best date movie ever? Wall-E, no doubt. Jacob took me to see it last night. We scored awesome cheap ($5) tickets, apparently because it was a weeknight! We were really surprised that the theater was so empty, considering it is opening week of the movie, but it meant we got to sit in the seats with footrests (the bar). And of course, the movable armrests are a requirement for a date (at least for a set couple).

But the movie was adorable, with great animation. All of the messages were positive, one of them being that kisses heal everything! But honestly, it wasn’t too slow for adults, there were plenty of cute (awkward) dating scenes to laugh at, as well as an exciting adventure! Please go see this movie, and if you can, see it with your boo. Hand-holding is an adorable focus. This movie also emphasizes gardening, curiosity, and turning off the gadgets (tv, ipods, phones etc.), plus it disses Walmart, (gosh, I hope I haven’t given it all away…) but who doesn’t want to see that?

I took Jacob to his first girl’s high school basketball game last night, it was more of just a trip down memory lane for me, rooting for my past teammates as well as past rivals. My first AAU coaches were there as well as an old teammate/rival who was just watching because she is in the Volleyball all-star game. I think Jacob was a bit overwhelmed (especially meeting all these people) but my love for the game and memories of my old life was a bit overwhelming for me, and I couldn’t stop talking about it, ha. I was really happy that we had a chance to go to that.

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  1. Becca! I didn’t know you had a blog! Now we can stay in touch so much better for the summer since I’m far away! Hope you’re having a good one, and I’ll have to make sure i see Wall-E once I get home! 🙂

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