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Aug 15-18

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 by | 0 comments

Jacob says that everyone at our singles branch must think he is going inactive. He went the first Sunday I was gone. The next weekend he was sent on a business trip to SC to pick up some servers (and “see [his] folks”). This past weekend, my rogue-clerk fiance drove up to see me Friday afternoon and skipped work Monday to spend time with me and my family.
The weekend started with him arriving and eating some of my fresh baked brownies. Then we all sat around watching the Olympics. Jacob and I stayed up a bit, to read scriptures, a habit we had missed by being apart, and to watch House. Saturday, we baked like all day. We made bread in our new mixer. With that bread we charcoaled some awesome pizza. We also picked some apples, Jacob loved feeding the horses apples. He also loved using our cast iron peeler, he was a pro on the first turn. We made a scrumptious apple pie with are many apples. Needless to say, Jacob had quite the sugar high Saturday night after all the food we ate.
We also went ATV-riding, over to my sister’s place and up to Turkey Point, I drive pretty crazily on that thing, especially when I’m trying to make a cute boy hold on tighter. At the bottom of a hill, and at a cheek-deforming speed I asked Jacob, innocently, “are you scared?” He replied with no hesitation, “You’re driving aren’t you?” I think of all the things we are so similar on, the thing that is hardest for us to find common ground at the moment is behind-the-wheel demeanor. hehe.

Sunday we went to church with my mom, it was nice to be with him again for a sacrament meeting. After a bit of rest in the afternoon, watching some Olympics and chatting with my sister about lying to customers and old peoples’ PPV ordering styles. Then our guests started to arrive. We just had a neighborhood gathering. Our old bishop came over and his wife brought some goods. My dad fired up the grill for some chicken legs and a veggie pack. And Tonda, my old YW leader brought her son, who just graduated LB (my high school), and she also made some ice cream for us. The old people sat around chatting, Jacob and I got out the Jarts. Rachel and her man, Jonathan came over and played with us. We had hoped it would be warm enough to swim but were fine that he wasn’t. All our friends were happy to meet my Jacob and just hang out. After the old people got tired, aka my dad and our old bishop. We ran over to Rachel’s to show Tonda Wii bowling, she is in a league and mom just had to show her this. There were like 7 or 8 of us all trying to sit and make room for the wiimotes in Rachey’s living room. We had so much fun and played curling as a team, like the whole room. It was a blast. Mom and Tonda (with all of our commentary help of course)

I can say that Jacob was a bit tuckered out after it all, so Monday kinda turned into our day of rest. We just kinda talked and watched TV all morning, mom was starting to get sick so we couldn’t even hang out with her, and dad and Rachel were at work. Around 2 we decided to go for a walk and I showed him around my woods and told him lots of stories about hanging out there. I almost walked into a spider’s web…flash back to date 1. When we got to the only flat part of my driveway we ran a bit, jogged a warm up then had a couple of races, which I lost miserably heh. But it felt so good. So good, in fact, that when we had walked up my looooooong drive way we just jumped in the pool, who cares if it was too cold, we were hot enough. But sadly that marked the end of our time together. He had to get home, and maybe go to work or something. But I’m so happy he came to see me, we had some very special as well as spiritual moments together (and I might not have made it another week, or should I say, my mother may not have made it another week).

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