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Family History Center with Mommy

Posted on Aug 22, 2008 by | 4 comments

So I woke up pretty early this morning, at least for a vacation, at 9. Well, last night I went to our stake FHC while my mom was getting the stake part of her temple interview done. Once I told mom about all the fun I had she was dying to go. So this morning, the moment I saw her she told me grab your laptop and all our books and lets go!

Mom and I spent the next 3.4 hours sitting in front of a computer at our stake center scanning, looking up my family line. We found a lot of stuff. They have so many records like scaned into the computer and searchable. It was so much fun with mom. We found where my grandmother was in Illinos, she couldn’t recall the county when mom asked her about it but we found them on the 1920 Census 😀 It was fun, haning out with my mom, talking about our family, and having her help me decode her notes from 1992-6ish, the last time she worked on this stuff.

You know what surprised me most? All the people still flipping through microfilms when we have the online access. At least 8 people were in and out while we were there only us and one other person tried to use the computer, and he was a 30 something, a youngin in that room. I hope that I’m just so new to this that I haven’t found the faults of the online research, otherwise we need to get a class for those people, heh. Second most suprising part of the trip? Meeting Sarah S’s grandparents; they saw and recognized my name from the sign-in and were the FHC workers for the morning. It was fun chatting to them.

After we got back home I finished copying my moms family groups, so now I’m ready to do my own research. I’m so amped to keep working on it, to gather some more names for the temple. My mom said she will go up an do the other work for me, er, for them. Since my mom is a convert and only recently reactivated there is so much to be organized and researched, and I am blessed with the technological know-how to figure it out and a mom who is geneologically gifted to be my mentor. I’m so grateful for the chance to research my family history.

Anyway, I hope that I can keep learning about the FHCs and how to use it, even if I have to learn it all over when the new system comes out 😀


  1. Once again Becca, I have to thank you for the posters. I <3 them muchlies.

    My Granny is really into genealogy. I think it's kind of cool too. I remember her saying that sometimes information on legit genealogy sites can be wrong. Not so much copies of the actual documents, but sometimes it's difficult to tell (unless it's a real scanned copy) what's a document and what's just somebody else's research. I don't know much besides what she says, or even if what she says is right.

    You should teach those peeps how to use the internet anyway.

    (~) Love

  2. I remember when Joshua and I had those FHC callings and we learned all about the new system. I still get e-mails about it. Apparently it’s taking longer to get running than expected, but this means they’re working all the kinks out of it. It’s going to be AMAZING! No more duplicate temple work!

  3. My mom is pretty much obsessed with family history work. So far, I have yet to catch the bug, but you are awesome for loving it so much!

    PS: Hooray for temples and temple work!

  4. i’m realizing you haven’t posted in much too long… what is up with that??

    also, i don’t know anything about family history. my mom’s side runs back to j.smith and my dad is of jewish origin so all the records were burned in the holocaust. i should probably get on that… you’ve inspired me!

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