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Just a Thursday on the mountain

Posted on Aug 9, 2008 by | 4 comments

Mom took me to quilt-time with her girlfriends. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed at some quilts (mainly mom’s, heh) and talked about wedding plans and dresses (ok only one).
Mom and I then went to the bank and talked to Katrina, she said she loves my ring, and is waiting for Rachel’s. I was like, I know! me too! (oh Rachel update, the wedding has been moved to next spring).
We got home and made some grilled cheese on some bread that I had made on Wednesday.
Then we started cleaning the house. We got everything done except vacuuming when my Uncle called and said he wasn’t coming, so we stopped cleaning, duh.
I called Jacob and we chatted about how excited we were, for everything, until he decided to pick up a hitchhiker.
Then I worried and prayed for an hour and a half until Jacob called me back and we talked about how murderers honestly probably wouldn’t actually pick a hitchhikers facade.
After dinner, mom dad and I picked apples off of all of our trees. Dad has spent the last three days (before Thursday) shooting squirrels out of our apple trees, so we decided to pick the apples now. We got a bucketfull and mom and I decided to can a few.

We started peeling and sugar-watering. And now we have some scrumptous apples for winter, mmm.


  1. I too am glad Jacob is safe! He is too nice for his own good. Oh, well.

    You know what’s good to prevent apple stealing squirrels? A herd of outdoor cats! Seriously, my parents have never had an apple stolen by a squirrel… though we have seen a few dead squirrels over the years… tells you the cats earn their keep.

  2. oh my word. HITCHHIKER? what was he thinking?!

    i am VERY scared of hitchhikers! my mom’s best friends have 10 kids and he picked one up once who pulled a GUN to his head and told him to give him all his money!! haven’t you seen the hitchhiker scene in tiny toons how i spent my summer vacation?! AHHHHH!

    moving on! stop making my mouth drool with all your farm fresh delicious goodness. i NEED some of those apples now!!

  3. Sarah, the sad thing is we have a herd of outide or “barn” cats. I guess they fill up on gophers and chipmunks and just ignore the majority of the squirrels, oh well.

    Kathleen, oh, I was really worried about him, but he feels it’s his priesthoodly duty, sigh. At least this one was too tired to do much more than share his destination. We put up (canned) more than 8 gallons of apples!

  4. Maybe they’re slacker cats 😉

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