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My Dad cooks?

Posted on Aug 9, 2008 by | 2 comments

Saturday I drove home to find a changed family. My Dad now does the cooking at my house. He got a charcoal grill on Memorial day. Since the begining of the summer my dad has been experimenting with his fun new toy.
Yummy veggies came out of the garden, corn and tomatoes and cantelope. Mom and Dad already canned the green beans. But Mom had made some bread for my return and we decided to throw it in the dutch oven, mmmm. My Dad even brought down some rocks from the mountain to build a dutch oven safe area.
Dad made some burgers, and my return meal home was amazing! I missed the quiet nights just sitting on the porch, and the many hours we are able to devote to cooking, hehe.
When Rachel had some free time she came over for dinner. We made some pizzas on the grill. Charcoal pizza sure is a different thing all together, but Mom’s dough is the best! Here’s a picture of the fam, enjoying the pizza:
And of Rachel stealing more pizza!
I love hanging out with my family!


  1. i didn’t realize you lived on a real farm, farm. like i think i knew that but it never really clicked until this! wow! werid, i have a whole new perspective on becca! my mouth is watering all that food looks SO good!

  2. I’m so glad you are having a great time at home, and I second Kathleen’s mouth-watering need for your family’s home cooking!

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