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First post of the semester

Posted on Sep 10, 2008 by | 3 comments

I just got out of my NCAA “sign here” meeting. Where we sit there for an hour to hear about the rules of being a college athlete and sign about 25 times on different pieces of paper, sometimes thrice a side just acknowledging that we were there, we understand, that we’ve “read” the rules. Uh, riiiight. So as I was flipping through these pages, signing every line, thoughts bombarded me about my near future. Firstly, both my printed name and signature will look different, although perhaps the latter not so much, will I forget one during the marathon of signatures and revert to my old name next year when I go to this same meeting? What will I put in the parent/guardian spot? Do my parents still belong on my paperwork once I’m a married woman? I feel like no, they don’t, but how are such things to be avoided?

Anyway, the meeting was horribly boring, the only reason (other than ineligiblility) that any of us show up is to get our free agenda. I spent my hour and 15 minutes writing down the appts I could remember and drawing doodles of a temple on January 2nd and shoes on the dates of the upcoming cross country meets I have to work, oh and a cute little (and unrealistic) U-Haul truck on Saturday. Oh, in case you haven’t heard, Jacob is moving up to Williamsburg on Saturday. He is moving into the apartment which will in a few short months be ours, but I don’t live there yet (Saturday’s a few days away ;)). He is mostly packed up into boxes at Doug’s now. Dan recruited some people to help out on Saturday, it was very nice of him. Jacob suggested we take him out to dinner in gratitude, I suggested a double date with his new chika, now I realize the gift might just be NOT going on a double date, apparently people are getting kinda grossed out by our almost married nature. I don’t feel like we’ve changed so much, except maybe progress on the food sharing with Mr. Germphobe, but who knows, sometimes just the knowledge that we are gettting married grosses some out I suppose, lol.

So school is crazy, I don’t really even have time to write this but you know what? O, freaking, well. haha. 2 chemistry classes with lab, 1 math class with a crazy prof that has decided that daily quizzes are the only way we will be able to learn the material. And a history of fashion class that I have yet to find a fault with other than not having time to put into it but putting it in anyway because I get to study clothes and draw them, and they can look bad and that’s ok, :D. I think I might have to tell coach to shove it and take cotume patterning next fall, I love Dr. Wesp, she is so nice and so in love with costumes, it’s a beautiful thing.

So the saddest news of my semester: I haven’t taken a single picture. Well maybe fighting with my mom for the first time since 11 year old basketball is also kinda depressing, stupid weddings. But yeah my camara hasn’t left the package it moved back to williamsburg in. We have had an awesome pinata at FHE, new people in the LDSSA, including a fun girls’ night, another fun night at the Silver Diner (dude, dinner with President Brassell and a table full of singles is entertaining to say the least), and Kathleen is back, I need some pictures with her! She and I are going to be in the same ward come January, isn’t that AWESOME!?!?! But alas, this post is pictureless because of my lack of photography recently, maybe I can change that around.


  1. oh my word. math teachers must come from the same evil place somewhere. my stat teacher is the exact same way. he doesn’t even give homework so to study you have to really want to go through the book yourself. lame lame lame.

    i still haven’t changed my name at WM so i am living a duel life between joachim and skinner. i gets very confusing when i have to bust out a signature.

    and woot woot on jamestown ward!! it might make you want a baby so you’ll need to mentally prepare yourself pre-sunday. we need to take some pictures most definitely, most definitely.

  2. you all know my pain now! math professors are horrible!


    that’s so exciting that Jacob is moving this weekend!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you got in a fight with your mom. People underestimate how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Just saying, I feel your pain.

    But yay for Jacob moving to Williamsburg! And yay for getting closer and closer to being married!

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