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My First Married Party, kinda.

Posted on Sep 30, 2008 by | 2 comments

The weekend before last was quite eventful, but sadly my life has been too busy to allow me to blog. So here’s the recap:

Friday night, Jacob and I went thrift store hopping to find the perfect (and cheap) kitchen table, an essential in our HUGE kitchen, it truely has an excess of floorspace and a lacking of counterspace, ha. The first stop, I jokingly stated “oh, they don’t have any tables here” as we were getting out of my truck. As we were walking up to the store, there was this big brown thing leaning up against the wall out on the sidewalk. It was the perfect table for us, with detachable legs and a leaf. So our trip was pretty much anticlimatic. But we did continue on in search of chairs but found none suitable, I think Jacob’s parents are going to help us out with some more furniture, and we have lovely computer chairs until then.

Saturday we went to the cross country meet most of the day to help out, and raise money. Jacob was a good sport, no doubt. He doesn’t even get scholarship $$ and he showed up, but he did get a free t-shirt. booyah! That night Ruth and Mike had a little get together, earlier Ruth said I could bring something if I wanted, and Jacob and I had left over celery from our potluck crockpot concoction anyway so we made some ants on a log and put them on the best free plate ever:

We picked up the single’s coming and headed over, we had so much fun just chatting and catching up. Then we started playing apples to apples, and the laughing did not cease!

To my chagrin Kathleen and Kyle arrived in awesome matching shirts and with a very very awesome dessert! Cupcake sliders. Oh my goodness she did an amazing job with them. Here she is with her creations:

We continued apples to apples until the Manns, er the Adkins won. Then we moved to Cranium, and ice cream.

The games continued with spoons. The competition got pretty heated, I was forced to tackle my man for a spoon, and the cards did fly! But it was fun and loud and so great to be back with my wonderful friends 😀
After spoons we all sat around talking for a bit, the Skinners peaced out before the awesome old man game started where the Adkins won by sharing a toothless kiss that made Jacob show his teeth. To be honest they did look like turtles, which is pretty awkward if you ask me. Then the night just digressed into small talk. The entire night was a well earned break from work for all of us, I can’t wait for another.


  1. Looks like fun! Glad you’re making moves into married life already. You’ll be instantly adjusted once you are married 🙂

  2. since i missed the old man game i have to admit i am confused!!

    when you took jacob down, i will admit i was scared… i am glad everyone left in one piece!

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