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The Move!

Posted on Sep 16, 2008 by | 2 comments

Here is my attempt to redeem my last picture-less blog, Kathleen is such a bad influence on me 😉

JACOB MOVED TO WILLIAMSBURG ON SATURDAY. I could also say that the two of us moved him but let’s not be whiny eh?
We started out the weekend right: at waffle house. I was hungry and couldn’t decide what I wanted, as we were getting back on 64 from walmart, on the on ramp, the waffle house sign popped into view so we rode the 4 leaf clover all the way around the interstate back to our delicious dinner. Jacob said he would like to stay on the clover until he got pulled over for cruising, just so he could tell the officer: “my blinker is broken, and I didn’t want to change lanes illegally.” How come his sucking up is always sarcastic??

I watched Jacob take apart some furniture, and pack up some last minute fragile things.

I also wanted to be in the pictures, but under a desk is not the best place for a self-taken-couple picture.
Jacob drove me over to Suffolk to find the U-Haul. The rental dude called him a foriegner, lol, my little immigrant boyfriend, only marrying me for his green card, ok maybe not that bad, but it was amusing. And then this surreal thing happened: Jacob handed me the keys to his yaris and I was to lead him home. Dude, it was so much fun driving his car, it has power windows, door locker on the key chain, a/c and cruise control. Other than the fact that it was made for little asians to drive, so my arms won’t reach the stearing wheel if my legs are even close to extended, it was a great drive 😀

When we get back and Jacob informs me that Dan just called, he will be the only one coming to help us. Sheesh, I thought he was nervous before about the move, now he is freaking out. I attempt to bring some peace with a prayer and we get to work. Dan shows up shortly and after an hour and a half of straight up and down the stairs with boxes and furniture we finished.
Dan was a huge help, we really couldn’t have done it without him. And no he didn’t wear his hoody on the 95 degree day the entire time. I didn’t have much down time but I did get this picture.

Dan wonderfully took a picture of the two of us in the finished truck. It was awesome to have just the right amount of space.
Dan and I wanted a group picutre; Jacob felt otherwise.
In front of our new apartment! We got over there, he signed the lease and a check and we got our keys…er he got his keys..hehe. And he started unpacking the truck right away. I drove back to campus to pick up Kate. Jacob was really moving with the unloading, we have a first floor apartment and he had a dolly/hand truck. Kate and I tackled the odd-shaped stuff and we were still done before him but he didn’t care because he was just pulling over here, pushing over there, what and easy life for him. We got all unloaded in 45 minutes, max. Yay for no stairs!
Here is our trusty helper, folding the blankets! She was such and energy source for the two of us and a great help. I hope she knows that.
I’m pretty sure Jacob is going to name our first child either Dolly or Hand Truck, lets hope we have a girl.
We ended our Saturday with a little shopping spree, for a shower curtain and some toilet paper. Although it was a lot of work, it could have been a ton worse, I’m really just happy neither of us got injured, like muscle-wise (both of us ran into the trailer hitch with our shins 🙁 ) The weekend was great. We even both got to go over to Genevieve’s for a break the fast, I love my man living in the ‘burg.


  1. So exciting! Can you believe that in a few months you will BOTH be living there all the time! 🙂

  2. oh my word moving BLOWS! when we moved from utah to va beach we used the dolly like none other and then when we got to va beach our apartment was on the TOP FLOOR with no elevators. we moved everything we owned up three flights of stairs with no help and i literally wanted to die. i thought i had broken my wrist at one point– from rolling the tarp. i hate hate hate moving!

    but YAY that you do not have to do it again for maybe forever… or probably a few years at least

    you did a great job with the pictures, i seriously commend you. your next task is to take pictures of the inside of your cute apartment! other things to take pictures of: you driving the yaris… sounds like quite the site!!

    and what string of events led to jacob being called a foreigner??? this sounds like a good story!

    i feel bad we didn’t help you move. i have an excuse but i still feel bad:( sorry! next time, next time!

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