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A Full Fall break with my Fiance

Posted on Oct 16, 2008 by | 3 comments

Fall break was a blast! Jacob drove me home, well I drove a bit, and we had a fight about said driving but then he drove and all was well. But the long weekend was great, and he needed a break from work anyway. Let’s start with the laundry list of to-dones:

  • Ate home-made english muffins, who knew?
    Jacob like them, oh and I did too. (So much better than the biscuits but shhhhhh!)
  • Picked, snapped and canned some green beans. Yay food storage!
  • Changed the oil in both of our vehicles (thanks hunny!)
  • Filled out our absentee ballots

  • Ate a turkey dinner because the turkey’s were on sale, Thanksgiving came a little early this year.
  • The whole fam, or me, Mom, Dad, and Jacob all made it to church on Sunday. It is so wonderful going with both of my parents 😀
  • Took some awesome engagement photos, my parents are amazing!
  • Did a bit of wedding planning, some colors, some tables, some centerpieces.
  • Worked on the guest list.
  • Attempted some studying…fail.
  • Got pictures developed, at the brown Walmart (my walmart switched from white and green to pee and poo while I was gone…)
  • Watched some House
  • Tried on some old HS dance dresses, they are way too big 😀
  • Went to the dentist
  • Worked on the dress like 5 times, my mom is doing an amazing job and if Jacob didn’t read my blog y’all would get some pictures, guess you’ll just have to be patient, plus it isn’t done yet. The bodice and skirt aren’t even connected.
  • …and I’m sure I’ve left out the most of it, haha.

One almost horrifying part of the weekend was my mother’s talk of children. Jacob and I were lectured on such things as cloth diapers, number of kids, being close to home when said kids come along for free relief (lol) and the Wassums. Jacob, however, made the mistake of trying to call mom “grandma” (she was desiring a new name, her mistake asking my man to be creative in a non-funny way.)

The drive back was rough because we drove seperately, but we made it home to the ‘burg safe and sound. Going over Afton mountain, Jacob was cruising in the left lane then cut over to the right and with my agile driving/weaving skills I pulled into the jug-handle behind him into the scenic outlook. On the drive up to Roanoke I told him I always wanted to stop but just never did. I was going to call him and ask him to stop but I didn’t really want to delay our trip for a bit of selfish enjoyment. But he, remembering my comment days earlier (I suppose I hope his memory is longer than that but I’ll take what I can get), pulled over to view the valley with me, and check my oil. He is so sweet!!!

It was a wonderful, busy, non-restful break but totally worth it all. I’m still napping it off btw.

On a totally different note:

I would hope that our roads workers are safer than this sign suggests.


  1. That is a hilarious sign! And I feel you with the non-restful break thing!

  2. i don’t know if you’re allowed to take a picture of filling out absentee ballots… since i know who you’re voting for i might have to report you to the state…

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