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At least Jacob’s been productive

Posted on Oct 27, 2008 by | 1 comment

Although I have been swamped with homework and midterms for the past two weeks, Jacob has been keeping himself busy. Yesterday while I was studying hardcore for my History of Costume midterm he was doing some unpacking. Let me tell you, I am happy this process is happening before I live here because it is messy!! But he is doing good. He did clear off my desk and gave me the good computer chair that leans back for optimal study conditions. Then he proceeded to empty boxes: put up books on bookmooch, and post items on ebay, put his mcdonald’s toys in bags and, of course, get out his stamp collection and cleanse it or purge it. To be honest, I didn’t even know he collected stamps, or liked chocolate milk, but who doesn’t? Here he is getting all excited about his old sticky pieces of paper:

He continued to distract me every now and then, especially when he found stuff he’s been wanting me to see. For instance, a movie from his mission which has the prophet at the time speaking and also shows Jacob’s face for a split second. We were scanning through all the missionaries and I yelped ‘I think that’s you!’ He backed up and was going forward slowly when he saw a tie he really liked and said, ‘that’s a sharp tie, that might be me.’ And it was, haha.

Jacob also got out his old atarii from before my birth year and tested them out. It was fun seeing the old technology and watching him code. It reminded me of my dos days…*sigh* oh back when life was simple. But yeah he was cute see:

And he wrote me a code!! Isn’t it cute?

Yeah mostly my life has been being sick and doing homework but goodness I love Sundays! Time to blog and sing in the choir (yeah, be grateful since you aren’t in my branch and have to hear me sing eventually), time to bake bread for my man and just chillax. Back to doing nothing…’cept being sick, yuck.

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  1. I love Sundays too! A break from the usual work, work, work. I don’t know how people survive not taking Sundays off.

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