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Our Piano

Posted on Oct 31, 2008 by | 2 comments

When I was 8 years old, my mom yanked me off of the roller hockey team I had been playing for because my coach wouldn’t play me because I was the only girl and well, she didn’t like that or something. Or maybe she just pished mom off, that happens, anyway, the point is my childhood was not without an activity, not because of my parents, just because I was one of those kids who needed an outlet.

So what is the next logical activity after roller hockey? No not ice hockey (I suck on ice). PIANO! Of course! We don’t do anything half-way in my house so my parents got me lessons with a lady my friends liked and I got to leave school early every Wednesday (aw, I missed having to spend my afternoon with Debbi, oh no lol) and go and play piano. And what comes with lessons you ask? Well a new piano. We only had an old keyboard and my new teacher said I couldn’t feel the necessary pressure or something so we bought a piano, or a fancier keyboard. My teacher liked me at first because of my ability to grasp concepts quickly and my large hands for a kid. Woot. As time went on however, I discovered I missed contact sports and my sister got me into basketball. My piano teacher bore this for the first season, a little worried about jammed fingers etc. But once basketball became a fixture in my life my teacher told me I had to choose: piano or basketball. To be honest, I was just better at the latter so my pianoing fell to the wayside. And our brand new, fancy keyboard/piano (that could sense the pressure or whatever) discovered dust. Poor guy.

That was a long intro to my blog-post. sheesh. But, as my parents have no use for the beautiful machinery, Jacob and I adopted the unloved piano. Jacob used to play but always hated disturbing people with his practice, now he can practice with his headphones on, not that I mind.

This week Jacob got in the mail the pieces that he needed to connect the speakers to my piano. He had to do some striping of wires and some soldering. Sadly, there was an accident involving the cheap soldering iron which resulted in the loss of Jacob’s right middle toe. He is alright, thankfully it hasn’t affected his balance so far, but don’t think I can live with a man with 9 toes. It reminds me too much of my cousin who shot his big toe off, ew.

Ok, so maybe Jacob didn’t loose any toes, but he did get a little blister that hurt like a turtle bite but worse maybe like an elephant bite! Poor guy, he really took one for the team. But now our piano can be heard by our whole building! Ok we won’t be so bad. But I’m so proud of my man and his awesome crafty skills.

Now we can start practicing our Christmas songs, yay for Christmas!


  1. my favorite part of this story: roller hockey!!! i can totally see this. were you into mighty ducks??

    i would love to get back into the piano again. i had to take piano and violin and then violin won out so now i have trouble reading the bass line!

  2. I was almost ready to get Jacob a get well soon card…then I kept reading, hahaha. Hooray for piano, of course!

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