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Pony or Popcorn?

Posted on Oct 2, 2008 by | 2 comments

“I have a surprise for you,” I told Jacob this afternoon.
“Really?! I love surprises. Is it a pony?”
Now where Jacob would put a pony is another story I believe.
“Is it a tank? If it is a tank I need to know so I can get a parking decal for it.” heh.
On our way to the surprise I asked him to promise me he was going to get in it.
“So it is a tank!?”

Nope, just a shipping box. A huge shipping box filled with peanuts!!!
He needed no coaxing, once he confirmed there weren’t any pointy/pokey things left in the box he hopped in the box faster than a kid waiting for the leaves to get scraped together.
This box was huge. It held my lab’s new fluorimeter and when I saw it this morning I knew I wanted to enjoy this with my man, so I made my prof save it for me to “use” later.

Just so you know, I’ve been worrying about getting some engagement pictures taken, well no need to look further. Especially with this gem (note the safety goggles and popcorn stuck in said goggles):

*flying popcorn*
I’m not sure what his guilty face is for, I feel like I missed something, and I was right there…oh yeah, he probably bombarded me with popcornies. haha.
Oh memories of the beach, *sigh* He buried me in the popcorn box. Since all of you know how big tall I am you can just imagine how huge this box is…oh so much fun!
So we went to the lab after ‘tute. We walked in, and who would think that at 9pm someone would be working in the lab, but alas my awesome lab buddy Christina was there. She took some pics of us and then I noticed her amazing footwear. Please partake of the goodness:
So many boxes, they were taller than him. I wanted to take home the big one (on the bottom) but sadly it didn’t fit in his crappy asian commuter car and my daddy just took my truck home today so we had to throw out the most fun we had had in hours!

I think Jacob was pleasantly surprised by this and not toooo disappointed that it wasn’t a tank. However, he did guess it as we were walking into the ISC, meany. I think I won’t ever tell him I’m going to surprise him again, just do it. Or maybe I shouldn’t have talked about getting a new fluorimeter all day…whatever.


  1. yo sister ross is trying to get ahold of you. they do photography now and i think they want to take some engagement pics or something…

  2. Brilliant good fun my dear 😉 Absolutely brilliant!

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