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The Dance

Posted on Oct 7, 2008 by | 1 comment

Weeks ago, on a Friday night in September (the 26th, I believe), Jacob picked me up to take me to the Latino Tri-Stake dance at Denbigh. First we decided try and get my ring cleaned, with the purchase of it the company promised cleanings for life. We showed up to the mall where our store found and there were these huge “going out of business” signs. Jacob was skeptical, maybe just a sale like at the furniture store we went to last week that is still there. But then he caught a glimpse of the “even the fixtures” sign and was like …oh. Needless to say they did not want to clean my ring. So that was a tad depressing.

We were the first people there who weren’t there to set up, but helped anyway because they weren’t done. Jacob actually ended up helping them with the stereo equipment for a while. Once they got that figured out it (..hours later..) the night was grand. Some stupid people bust the pinata on the first couple swings 🙁 but Jacob and I stole all the candy because it was just all lonely there on the floor because no one was willing to stoop down to pick it up. Probably mainly because the guys on the stage threw candy at the people who did, aka me. But I got fun size reece’s cups and gummi lifesavers, it don’t get no better.

But for me the most amazing memorable time was Jacob dancing with me. We are so different, excuse me, he is so different from when we started dating. 6 months in he was still just sitting on the side while I danced the night away, maybe asking me to maybe join him for one slow dance, and I think that was only because Joey was about to ask me, haha. But he has slowly warmed up to my wild ways on the dance floor. And this time he joined me for every dance. We danced all of the slow songs, I gently sang a few choruses to him but mostly we were whispering or being silent, enjoying the night. I yanked him out on the dance floor for the swing dances, we had so much fun just twirling around on the dance floor. Jacob and I figured out some moves, we got better at our spins and he perfected the dip by discoving knee support; I love being dipped. We spun around wildly and he even chased me through the sea of other couples once. I love that he just let loose and enjoyed the music and the time with me.

Our friend Dan brought some other friends and we hung out with them and the pinata pieces for a while. I only have a pair of his pictures, when I get the rest, I’ll post them.

And reminescent of that 6th month Dance: “Oh no, are you two a kissing couple?” “heh, shyah!”

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  1. Aww… fun times! I’m glad you two are living it up! And it’s more fun being a kissing couple anyway 😉

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