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The Potentially Last Creation of My Hobart

Posted on Oct 31, 2008 by | 3 comments

So this whole last weekend Jacob and I planned to make bread on Sunday. We bought the yeast on Friday, and I almost didn’t make cookies for Jacob on Saturday for lack of butter, but Jacob demanded them once I brought it up, hehe. Anyway, Sunday, after church, it was bread day.

Now let me tell you, Sunday was not a good day. I was falling feeling eh, we had our last Temple Prep class, which was very sad to me, I reallllllly enjoyed the class, and I was only half aware of the RS lesson. I’m not sure what it was about the day, but I was just not there. I had driven to church with a late Kate 😉 but drove home by myself. Choir did cheer me up, I love feeling needed, even if my voice isn’t uh angelic. But lil’ Severin cheered me up by saying “If you can sing the choir needs you, if you can’t, you need the choir.” Haha, and no I couldn’t that high D but whatever, we need all the voices we can get.

Then I headed back to Jacob’s apartment with the clerks’ office old filing cabinet, what my man is going to do with it is beyond me but what’s the use of having my truck if I don’t help him out? Anyway, back home I throw some spaghetti on the stove and start making bread. Jacob gets home right soon, because I stayed so late with choir and he with tithing. So we eat and welllll then I start mixing up the flour and yeast. A little more than 3/4ths of the way through the mixing process my baby starts making noises. I got scared and called Jacob in, which led to a phone call to daddy. And long-story-short, he wouldn’t start back up. So what is a girl to do? Get immature and grumpy because her baby died. I went into the living room and pouted. Jacob, like the man he is, kneaded my bread for me, he kneaded for the entire 10 mins and then some. After some patient rising etc we got some amazing bread, but I’m still in mourning.

I’m so blessed to have Jacob around, to cheer me up and help me get through the rough patches. He is the best, I am so lucky to have a man that loves me so much.

The evening ended with Jacob playing on our new piano, he was playing with the sounds and stuff, soon he might crank out his very own techno album, one never knows. I’m just happy he has some toys to keep him happy during this stressful Sugar focused time in his life.


  1. i would have cried too 🙁 but that is the great thing about wedding registries, right???

    and that bread looks too good to be true… i need you to give me some lessons over here!! no, seriously.

  2. A lesson about wedding registies… pretty much no one buys from them… unless you have a bunch of rich friends 😉

    May your Hobart rest in peace.

    Looks to me like you and Jacob have got a head start on adjusting to married life. This is wonderful!

  3. You are my hero — I have never had the courage to make homemade bread, but I love baking. Maybe, I will have to try it now that you have inspired me!

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