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Happy Halloween

Posted on Nov 4, 2008 by | 0 comments

Happy Halloween! Ok so it was a half a week ago but life’s been hectic since then. Then end of my week last week was irked by the fact that my body refuses to get better. I still have a sore throat but on the up side that meant I got to skip practice, woot. I mean, aww.

Gen, Ben and I decorated for the party Friday afternoon. We got a little crazy with the streamers and the spiderwebs (it was odd seeing Jesus and the fishermen draped in webs, heh), but everything turned out nicely. Jacob almost won the costume contest at his work, but some lady spend the entire day walking around in a cane as an old man, danggit. I think I did a good job getting us outfits, considering I had a test the night of the 30th and wasn’t thinking about anything until after that. So I finally came up with a tourist for him. This summer we got an awesome Hawaiian shirt on sale at old navy. (He actually looks amazing in it, not that I’m biased.) And he owns a camera with a lens and a neck strap. His outfit was really cute.

He on the other hand was no help for me, but I decided to be Hawaiian hula dancer of sorts, and well, since it isn’t summer anymore, so luaus are so out, I had to get creative. But all was well, and we matched quite nicely, with the added lei.

Awkward story about said lei: Jacob and I were sitting on the couch while everyone else was on the other side of the room chatting and carving pumpkins. We were done and were taking a break. I jokingly asked him, reaching for my lei, if he would like to get lei-ed? Gen perked up right away, “did I just hear what I think I did? ‘Cause if I did that’s really awkward!” And Kate gave us that Kate-look. I put my lei on Jacob like I said I would and tried to forget about it the rest of the night, haha. I guess those singles just aren’t into sharing articles of clothing like we are accustomed to.

The party was fun. We carved pumpkins. Jacob and I made a very silly one. Everyone else were quite artistic about the carving. But Jacob and I are, well, impatient, or efficient, yeah I like that, efficient. hehe.

There were many games to be played. Like, eating donuts off string. Rocky shook the string (like it isn’t hard enough) so I ended up chasing my donut in circles until I fell dizzied to the ground. Jacob was quite a pro about it though.

We also played pin the nose on the Jack-o-lantern. I lost…

Annnnnnnnd we wrapped up two contestants in Ludwell toilet paper(just for future reference, bad idea). But Sarah was an awesome mummy bear.

The night ended with Wait Until Dark, an Audrey Hepburn film. The only scary part was the part where I jumped because a guy flew out into the living room from the hallway even though we all thought he was dead. And the only reason this was scary was because I was so scared everyone else thought something was wrong (because obviously the movie couldn’t have scared me that bad, hehe).

But the real highlight of Halloween? Jacob finally recieved from the fedex lady his vacuum. He was so excited that by Saturday afternoon, the entire apartment was spotless, he even had put away his atari from the living room floor so he could vacuum. He loves that thing.

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