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Our first candle-lit dinner

Posted on Nov 17, 2008 by | 1 comment

So amid all of our recent furniture shopping comes free stuff, yay for gimmicks! Last weekend we got some free candle-holders from a store we bought nothing from. And this week we got some free lamps, just for being new residents of the ‘burg (the note was addressed to “the Allreds” that was quite odd feeling…). But we felt bad driving over just for the free pair of lamps so we looked around, after discovering a thing called a “chair bed” (instead of a full pull out, it was a twin) and lots of storage ottomans, we decided to call it a day, but by the door were some factory seconds candles that were half off. So for a couple of bucks we bought ourselves a collection of pretty red candles.

After some grocery shopping, Jacob and I went home. I started dinner while he did the dishes. Then I studied as the rice simmered and little did I know his silly plan. But by the time I had gotten up for dinner, because I heard the dished hit the wood, the candles were lit and he was headed over to the computer to put some holiday music on. I turned out the lights and the candles flickered beautifully against the condensation on our water bottles and the forks as they scooped up the Zataran’s.

Our first candle-lit dinner was definitely a moment to remember, and a sight to see, 😉 It was the perfect date to celebrate our 48 days left of engaged living (not that anyone is counting).

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  1. your wedding is seriously close! what are you two love birds going to do when you can’t kiss anymore?? I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

    your first candle lit dinner will always and forever be linked with zatarans and the crazy dude who does their advertising!

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