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Our new couch

Posted on Nov 10, 2008 by | 4 comments

It’s like Christmas early!!

Saturday, Jacob and I went furniture shopping. After a branch activity we were already in NN so we headed to the closest furniture store and got fought over by some sales ladies (“uh, can I have my card back, Tiffany was taking care of you”) Anyway, we couldn’t afford any of there stuff. And we decided we didn’t want the floor models of the store that was closing on 143, especially because they weren’t really that marked down. So in a last effort of the day we hit up big lots. We found a couch in our price range that we liked, mmm microfiber. So we started asking around and measuring the couch etc. We left to get my truck because they don’t have a delivery service. We measured my truck and were pretty sure that it wouldn’t fit. We were devastated. But I decided that we should go back anyway, and kinda make the salespeople figure it out. So we drive back in my truck and they had already brought our brand new, still in the plastic wrap couch out front. We went to pay for it but after looking at the paper and the monitor for a couple of minutes the salesman walked over to the other workers and they mulled over our purchase for another couple of minutes. We just wanted our couch, sheesh. They wandered back over and asked if they knew if our purchase was on sale today only for over $100 dollars less than the display price. We didn’t but were elated. We bought it and nervously watched as he toted it out to my truck. Jacob helped him load it, and it was my job to squish down the headrest part to make it fit. It slid in perfectly. We were soooo excited!!! And yesterday Jacob and I were so blessed. I love our new couch, and have already fell asleep on it studying, a common use it will have in the future, haha.

So I realize that most people don’t smile while they are sleeping but such is the effect given by a couch model:
Here is an attempted candid shot. Sadly my camera makes noises when it turns on and it woke up my Jacob. But he was a good sport and shut his eyes for the take.

Please notice how I have already covered the couch and surrounding floor with my pillows, blankets and studies, unlike the first pictures.

Jacob really fell in love with our couch. Back when Jacob first moved his parents told us they had some extra couches and somehow would get them up to us. Uh, long story short, they ended up giving them to some people in their home ward and decided to give us the $ it saved them from storage unit rental. So that moolah plus our deal from Big Lots means our net monetary output for this beautifully new couch was $1.49. And yes, that means my man falls in love with it.

This actually ties in wonderfully to today’s 17 month celebration: my initial viewing of Johnny Lingo. Yes, I had never seen it. But it does remind me of my man. He drives a hard bargain for just about any item, except his wife, whom he knows is worth more than her father is asking for. Including the fact that I am worth being sealed to forever, even if my parents weren’t initially on board. I love my Jacob All(ingo)red.

But back to him being in love with the couch. He slept on it the first night we brought it home, and all day today, he kept finding reasons to leave his computer to come over to me and make some room for himself on his new love, good thing there is room for the both of us! To be honest though, I love our new couch too; having it finishes our living room, allows us to have company over, and just makes our apartment one more step closer to a home. Yay!!


  1. Having a couch makes a huge difference in life. I never realized how much so, but having spent the last year without a couch has made me see the difference. We had a couch, a gift from a friend, but he was a smoker and it turned out I was horribly allergic to the couch (I even lost my voice it was so bad), so we couldn’t keep it. We hope to someday get a couch and resume our cuddling in the living room instead of sitting on computer chairs. It’s just not as romantic.

    Congratulations on your couch!

    And Johnny Lingo is awesome! Jacob and Joshua once watched it together and traded off quoting the entire movie. I think this was the night we had that Relief Society thing where we got to introduce ourselves based on our shoes.

  2. i don’t really understand how the couch was so cheap… but i dig it. maybe i just need to read more carefully but i just didn’t get it… lol. that might be the first time i have ever typed lol in my life so this is an historic occasion on your blog. yay!!

    congrats!! i saw something on fb just now that jacob was in some sort of car accident… i hope he is okay!!

    good luck with registration tomorrow. i am just sitting around waiting for the clock to count down 12 more minutes!!!

  3. Aww Sarah, Jacob and I don’t even have kitchen chairs yet. We roll our desk chair in, hehe. At least they are padded, sheesh. I totally remember that night: I made cookies for the boys who showed up and then I locked my keys in my car and Jacob had to drive me all the way back to Williamsburg and back to the church. I loved that enrichment too though 😉

    Kathleen, yay for lol!! hehe. As you have read, I laugh all over my blog. The gist of the price is that it was on sale more than was advertised as well as Jacob’s parents gave us some money to spend on a couch, counting those two parts of the “savings” it was cheap, and I’m just grateful it fit in the back of my truck, 😀
    (btw I’m all for the anecdotes you silly girl!)

  4. I love your couch! I can’t wait to see your cute apartment set-up sometime and to learn your deal-getting ways. 🙂

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