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Showered with laughs!

Posted on Nov 25, 2008 by | 1 comment

Saturday was really packed, Jessika threw my bridal shower. Oh it was so much fun. I got there early and was told to blow up balloons, ha.
This was the only picture I was able to take, whoops, but I’m sure Gen got a ton.

We all fit in Genevieve’s apartment just perfectly and Jessika and Jen made wonderful dip and some other munchables, it was great. We played some fun games, including “how well does the bride know the groom,” (which I lost, and ended up with 14 pieces of double bubble in my mouth, and Sarah was scared for me because her date told her that too much gum can dislocate a jaw…), and celebrity pairs. And finally we opened presents; I was showered with wonderful gifts including towels, candles, body wash, and other things. It was a blast and it was fun having all my friends from the college meet, I have a lot of different groups but it went well.

Afterwards, I had to run out to Walmart to pick up a perscription. I decided to pick up the makings of dinner while I was out. And then I came home and slaved over the stove (poking at the chicken for hours, it seemed). While I was busy, Jacob was watching and then he decided to be productive (I know it is hard when he is hungry) but he set the table. He got out our yard sale tablecloth and cleared the table for a nice night. And thanks to my wonderful friend Ruth, our candle lit dinners have stepped up. 😀 Our new place mats are perfect. So we got to have another nice dinner, this time minus the Zatarans.
Once I was finished and Jacob had only started…as usual 😉 I went and made a paper flower to put in our birds nest, it was a bit too empty. Jacob laughed.

I would also like to thank everyone for their presents at my bridal shower. I really enjoyed everything. And yes, Kate, your “you’re welcome” was very awkward >.< heh.

Tomorrow Jacob and I leave for my parents’ house. I’m so excited for break. My sister took off all of this weekend to be with us, and his parents and brother are driving up after work tomorrow. This will be the largest thanksgiving I can remember!

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  1. I’m happy you are already making good use of the place mats!

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