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Last dance as a single

Posted on Dec 24, 2008 by | 2 comments

On blow out, Jacob took me to the Semi-formal LDS Singles’ dance in Richmond at the Marriott. It was a blast!! I almost didn’t go because I was stressed out about my p-chem test on Monday, but Kate did my hair as we practiced singing Joy to the World, the alto way. I was embarrassed to sing in front of Jacob but he didn’t seem to mind. We picked up Kate’s man and were on our way! We had a great time, there was more room than last year. Elizabeth showed up (the wonderful friend who took our first kissing photo last year at this dance, a lot has changed since then so it was great to see her!) and Brittney did too!

Jacob made the mistake of letting me hit the dance floor alone (with friends but without him). The very first dance some tall guy hit on me, well I didn’t really notice, I thought he was just calling me tall but one of my friends, Gen, had to step in and be like, uh she is taken! Ha I didn’t even know what was going on! Then Jacob wandered over, heard the news and didn’t let go of me all night, except for one mosh-ish song that he was a bit too tired for.

There was another girl there who had the same shoes as me. I wore my light up shoes, and a brittish chick came up to me and was like “I louve yoa shews!” I replied “Thanks, I love your accent!” It was fun, so much fun and so much attention, in fact, I wore heels an entire dance minus like 4 dances, hehe.

Now for the photomontage:

Kate finishing up my hair at the Hansens’ House:

Group Shot:

Another Group shot, my girls!!!:

Jacob wanted a rest, but the table was full, heh:

Thanks Elizabeth! (it’s tradition you know):

The Branch Old and Current:

I’m so happy I went, I almost didn’t. It was totally what I needed. Probably my fave part of the night, with the girls at least, was when we were dancing to single ladies and after the first chorus I hollared “He liked it so he put a ring on it!!!” and then I put may hands up anyway and the girls laughed, but then Jacob came around so I put them down 😉 It was so much fun, Kate, Sarah and I had a man to hang on for the slow songs, very handy for a dance. And it was great seeing some old faces. Jacob didn’t win any of the raffle stuff like last year, dang it. But we had fun.

12/9/08 8:59 pm Last weekend,


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! They should do activities like that for married people, too. 😀

  2. Seriously, all the fun activities happened AFTER I left the singles. 4 years there and not even one semi-formal dance. And now I’m married so the only dancing my husband and I get to do is in Nursery to “Do As I’m Doing.” Lol!

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