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The End (of everything)

Posted on Dec 18, 2008 by | 2 comments

Dudettes, I just finished my final final exam (for the semester). yay! Studying for it was quite interesting.

I decided to take the weekend off after my 3 exams last week and go to DC. When we got back, exhausted, Saturday night Jacob and I still had our farewell talks to write! We went through some ideas but, thankfully, we ended up just talking about ourselves, I threw in the temple and Jacob…talked about me, I’m sure there was something gospelly in there. Anyway Sunday was kinda stressful with choir, my truck not starting, a talk, and it being my last day. But the Murphys made the Williamsburg crowd dinner so that was one thing off my todo list. Then Jacob and I planned the FHE lesson.

Monday, I tried to study but when you have two whole days more, there is really no motivation. The same sad story happened Tuesday, but at least I went to a review session. Then came yesterday. Now please don’t throw me a pity party, but I must share my odd story for Wednesday. I went to bed around 12:30-1, and decided to get up around 7:30 for a nice long day of studying. My alarm went off, and I opened my eyes to a feeling of dazed and sick. I closed my eyes and tucked my head under my covers only to realize the room felt like it was spinning. I wasn’t getting out of bed. Around 9 I made myself get up, I said a prayer for some help and left for Jacob’s, where is it clean and quiet and where I thought I might find food. I got over there just fine but after altering the thermostat my dizzy head returned and I decided more rest was for the best on the couch. I slept until about 1, when I got up and felt at least better enough to be able to study. However my study day was cut in half, not to mention I had institute and my temple recommend interview tonight, kinda can’t miss that. But yeah, I’m pretty sure I never, ever am going to drink, and I hope that is the closest thing to a hangover I ever feel, it was horrible. Maybe I have been a bit stressed lately, but I shouldn’t have been, I haven’t had an exam in like a week.

Jacob and I got our temple recommends yesterday. He was so worried about the “why do you want to marry her” question, and probably other questions he was making up in his head. But the interviews were straight forward, very by the book with a couple of “do you have any questions?” thrown in. I am so excited about the temple. I am so happy to be worthy, I’m excited to go and learn.
And yes, that means we started the prescribed fast. We are nuzzlers. We’ve always had a thing for noses anyway 😉 Before I knew that’s what we were doing, Jacob went to nuzzle my hand, I yanked it away dramatically, thinking he wanted to kiss it, ha. Poor guy, we only have tonight really, then I am home for a few weeks and I’ll see him in DC >.<

Back to my final, I did actually get some sleep before the test, I stayed up late but with my 12 hour power-nap, I was ok on fumes so to speak. My test went well, I hope it doesn’t lower my in-major GPA, I’m proud of that sucker. But considering my procrasination, I suppose I can’t ask for much. I’m truly just happy to be done. Now I am going to go make some bread and wrap Jacob’s presents so we can gift exchange tonight. Yay for Christmas!!! I am very excited to have a quiet week at home in front of me, life is good.


  1. So, do I get to be kissing police tonight?! Hahaha. (When we were around each other post-interview and pre-married, our families were on patrol about us not kissing!) I am so excited for you guys!

  2. Joshua and I were nuzzlers too. We did a lot of “Eskimo kisses.” It helped, because not kissing felt like we were fighting! We needed something to help us feel connected through affection. Good luck with the kissing fast!

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