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A Whole Turkey?

Posted on Jan 17, 2009 by | 4 comments

We made a trip to Walmart soon after our return from our honeymoon, returned some things including a roaster that I decided I could replace by a decent roasting pan and just use the oven and have one less gadget in our already too small kitchen. So after looking at several nice department stores and Target we finally found the roasting pan I wanted at Walmart, I almost hate that. Anyway, I got excited about the pan so in the poultry section I found a nice little small turkey (12 lbs), and took it home.
Jacob was quite skeptical about my so-called turkey skills, especially after I failed at defrosting. But we cooked it in about 3 1/2 hours and now, a week later, Jacob is still munching on the bits of turkey. Man, he loves the stuff. He had turkey sandwiches all week for lunch, I made him turkey pot pie mid-week and for dessert, after dinner, he reaches for it. I’m quite sick of the stuff after a week to be honest, but I’ve mixed up dinner enough a sandwich here and there isn’t too much.

The Master Carver (aka Newb):
Tasting our experiment:
Dinner! With new plates, classes, vase, server dishes (aka cookie jar) and napkin holder:

So maybe 12 pounds of meat is too much for a pair of people but it was fun, cheaper than other meat and a fun adventure for us! Plus turkey pot pie was to die for and used up those expired biscuits, ha.


  1. You forgot the part where we spent 20 minutes trying to get the neck out of the frozen turkey, and then we put it in the oven bag but the bag ripped and the turkey fell on the floor (its okay though, we rinsed it off)… ;o)

  2. Aww, Turkey Adventure!

    Also, those are some mighty fine lookin’ knives you got there. 😛

  3. can i just say it is so cute how you two sit right next to each other at every meal. kyle is left handed and i am right handed so whenever we go to sit down we have to consider all the eating possibilities.

  4. Jacob is left handed too. And I cut my meat with my left hand so we have specific sides to sit on. It’s really cute at restaurants, if I forget to think about it, he gets pouty and sits on the other side of the table or booth or w.e. I’m like, “you don’t want to sit with me?” Then he explains I sat on the wrong side. So I have to get up and switch sides, at least we have a system I suppose, ha.

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