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Our New Mattress

Posted on Jan 17, 2009 by | 4 comments

Jacob and I decided loooooong ago, like Jacob-moving-to-Williamsburg long ago, that we needed a better bed for our bedroom. His old mattress fell off his truck in the rain on its way up from SC. In the incident, to make it worse, the boxspring was maimed beyond repair. So this gross thing was what we dealt with for the past week.
This week I discovered as a college student I get a free gift card for signing up for a Sam’s Club Card. Jacob and I had been looking into it anyway, and after some research and realizing that we hate Costco’s uptightness, we got a membership. I got 50 lbs of flour, a name-brand gallon of milk a dollar cheaper than Walmart brand, some cheap cereal and a block of cheeeeese, mmm cheeeese. Oh and a pair of drinks and hot dogs for $3. It was a fun trip. We decided it was an appropriate place to buy our mattress from. But it looked like they didn’t have the size we wanted. We went online and found the mattress we wanted and realized that they were charging over a hundred dollars in delivery fees that were “included” in the price. So Jacob was like well we have a truck, let’s just pick it up. Well, I wasn’t worried about the mattress (ok I was, but Jacob was confident it would bend a bit) but I was really worried about the boxspring and the whole tying it on the roof thing! This morning I woke up and called some mattress companies in town and asked about split boxsprings. One had one we could pick up today in Hampton for only $20 more than the boxspring at Sam’s. We really were excited, they fit easily in my truck.

When we got home Jacob started right away to put together our frame. (He had had a bad experience with Costco this morning that got him a bit grumpy so it was kind of theraputic for him. And I made him a grilled cheese, I think that helped too.)

Yay box springs!!!!

We had “click’n’pull”ed our mattress. But when we got there they couldn’t find our order. However, the lady was wonderful, went to the back to get the mattress herself and rang us up on a closed register when every line was 3 deep. I felt like royalty, or at least special. Jacob and I spent quite a time shoving the mattress into my truck’s bed. We only got it half in before Jacob wiggled it and decidedly announced: “It’s not going anywhere, let’s go.” It really was stuck and we made it back without a problem.

It’s just beautiful!
Our bedroom is a bit smaller now, and too our surprise, nothing squeaks!

On a more ridiculous note, someone did not want us to have this mattress. I almost got hit on the interstate by a stupid car who didn’t check over thier shoulder or use their blinker when trying to cross 2 lanes of traffic. A dude pulled into the parking spot next to us when we were trying to put in the mattress, and almost hit me. And this dude turned right without stopping almost running into us when I was making a legal U-turn. It was just not my day in traffic. Or I guess it was, since we didn’t actually get hit. >.<


  1. It doesn’t squeak… HA!

    I’m glad you two are still alive! Quite the dangerous event from what it sounds like.

  2. Mike and I can’t agree on the size of your bed…what is it?

  3. For public knowledge: we have a queen been. It is wonderful, our feet don’t hang off of it and we have room to be together or not, unlike the full, haha.

  4. i am so glad you are settling in so well! kyle and i slept on an air mattress for our first month and it was awful. then after that we had a hand me down bed that was like over 50 years old and it was only a full. then we got the lovely APX bed that would make the noise of a cow being slaughtered every time you moved. then we were back to an air mattress and now we have the best bed in literally the entire world. it sucked but it makes for some pretty decent stories!! glad you demanded a good bed immediately.

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