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The long version of our wedding

Posted on Jan 15, 2009 by | 0 comments

I’m sure you all understand my little break from blogging during intense family bonding time, pre-wedding, and intense new family bonding time, post-wedding. My aunt and uncle from Florida flew up on December 26th and brought their two tweens and my Nanna (grandmother)! It was so wonderful to have them here. I haven’t seen my grandmother for a good five years at least and Mom really needed help with the food and Ann could provide that. It all worked out and I really didn’t ever do anything associated with the reception except pick some colors, burn the CDs and show up.

In some sad news, during said music choosing, I filled my computer up too much with music to the point where my computer had about oh 30 mb of total hard drive left, let me tell ya, it didn’t like that! But thankfully I have a man with a hugely huge hard drive, mmmhm, so I can just store my pictures there, woot. The second note about my pictures is that my dad failed to give me (or I failed to ask…) for his pictures, not like I had any room to put them but I don’t have his pictures and won’t be able to get those until I see him next because the internet baffles him. Thirdly, my photographer for the temple had another wedding the next day and his parent’s 50th Anniversary the following week, so I’m not sure when I’ll see those pictures anyway. And lastly, Joey and Sarah ran around the entire night of my reception snapping both candids and set shots, they were great! So0o0o0o, that was the long way of saying, I really have no pictures of my wedding yet, sorry. But it’s all good. I have a few fun ones to show you now, from my own camara that random other people, including my sister, kate, our Red Lobster waiter, etc, handled and shot. So here’s the taste, with the indepth commentary you can’t find anywhere else 😉

The following is our itinerary(-ish thingy):

Thurdsay, the first of the year 2009:
Mom, dad and I load up the truck and are ready early so we go over to my hair dresser’s early. Which was a miracle because it took forEVER. But we left by 3 and were on the road. My sister already started freaking out because Jonathan wasn’t ready (haha, someone slower than my sister) and then they didn’t have directions. She continued to freak out for all of us the rest of the trip, hey, I’m cool with not having to do that myself. Jacob was already there when we checked into the hotel. We were like on opposite sides of the complex, weird. So I felt like a little teenager sneaking out and crossing the courtyard in the dark to find my boyfriend. But it was wonderful to get away from the ‘rents for a bit and just hug!
The Allreds took everyone out for a dinner at Red Lobster. My dad decided to be cool and park on the curb. It was nice, but it was so late! The resturant turned the lights on to kick us out!

Friday, the second, the important day!:
I was very relaxed. I had fallen asleep alright, once I decided sleeping like a geisha (on a neck pillow >.Jacob was waiting for us at the temple, they arrived just a bit before us. My sister and Jonathan and Jacob’s family, except his dad, all went to see the Joseph Smith movie. We sat around a bit, went in a waited, but not long. We had the whole temple to ourselves it seemed. Not much of anyone thought the temple was open I think, since the year before (the schedule up online) showed it closing 30 Dec. But we were there! And I had the bridal room to myself. I got dressed pretty quickly, but the buttons took forever. We pinned everything in place that could shift and soon I was looking at my self in the mirror, a Bride. As the desk worker looked on she told us they were soon going to stop letting girls wear their wedding dresses to the ceremony. But mine would probably be fine, she tacked on. I guess my mom did good ;D They told me my groom was waiting so I walked out to meet him. He was stunned (he hadn’t seen the dress yet), and we were escorted to the celestial room where we waited for over 40 minutes, I think we were somewhat early and I dress much faster than normal girls. But we must have been uber early because apparently Jacob’s man-helper was a new missionary/worker so he lead him through like 3 different floors before bringing him to the bridal room’s door to wait, poor guy.
We enjoyed being in the room together, I couldn’t tell how nervous he was until our lady escort stood for a messanger and Jacob jumped and starred to see if it was time, ha. We soon found out only 2 live ordinances were being performed that day, our sealing and one live endowment. And it was someone we knew, from our branch! The Calls are in the single’s branch presidency and their son has been called to serve a mission and they picked this day for his endowment, and they entered the celestial room as we were waiting. We laughed and said hi and it really lit up our time in that room (not like it wasn’t already sparkling). But after a couple strolls around the room the time came. And we soon found ourselves in the company of our family, and our leaders, and somehow Stephen Merrell found his way up, ha. It was wonderful. I embarassed Jacob a little but saved him at the same time. Our sealer while making us look at the mirrors asked what we saw. Now Jacob hates, or strongly dislikes, obvious questions or questions with only one answer so I answered for him and said “Jacob’s beautiful face.” Poor Guy. Everything flowed pretty smoothly other than my not being able to stand up without stepping on my dress and dropping Jacob’s ring, or as he says: she fumbled it. He was wonderful and caught it and handed it back to me gently. We hugged all our family and friends and that was it. I was actually really surprised, like really? That’s it? Not that I wanted it to take days or be hard or something but really I couldn’t help telling my mom, “that was easy.” Both her and Tonda laughed. Of course, they replied, it’s the next eternity that’ll be hard. Oh yeah… Anyway, soon we found ourselves walking out to meet our siblings and take a ton of photos.

the only entertaining thing about the pictures is that when finally mom and dad adn everyone got bored watching me and jacob be cuddly and mushy they all wandered away I got jacob to let me potato sack him! it was fun.

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