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He’s Back!

Posted on Feb 6, 2009 by | 0 comments

Sound the trumpets for my husband’s return! Yesterday at 8:35 am my man landed in Newport News. 4 days was toooo long. I mean, that was a good 10% of our married life given to a business trip. Not to mention his absence was during our very first anniversary. But yesterday I got it all back. I got my man. I got my computer. I got a normal get-up-at-5:30 schedule. And I got a warm bed (it’s cold around here without him, brrrr).

To be honest it wasn’t so bad. Sunday night (he left Sunday at 7am) we watched the Super Bowl together. His oral play by play was amusing and helpful! The time difference was crazy killer but I didn’t mind staying up late to talk to him, he didn’t really want to be up too late anyway because his clock didn’t change too much. But he had fun and learned a lot at his computer conference in San Fransisco. I know he misses the weather already. (I keep trying to spell already: allredy, my name is still going to take a lot of getting used to…) I hope he can take me out to California one of these days, although with all the street, uh, life he mentioned in his description of the city I can definitely enjoy my small town Williamsburg.

He slept all day yesterday, while I was home, while I was at school, and he still fell asleep at a normal hour, I was blown away. I guess the conference tuckered him out. I’m happy he is home and that the weekend is only hours away!

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