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Our first Valentine’s day

Posted on Feb 19, 2009 by | 2 comments

Being the silly people we are, and the kind that just got a kitchen full of presents for our wedding, we decided to go cheap this Valentine’s day. Well, I guess you’ll have to ask Jacob how cheap the meat was but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was hardcore determined to surprise my man. This is quite a feat, not that I would know because I have never done it, seriously. My man is a very good guesser, dangit. I’m very good at not just playing naive bliss but actually really missing every single clue to a surprise, a coordinating story will follow shortly.

So I decided to post-it note our apartment with little hearts filled with little memories of our dating, things I love about Jacob and truths about our relationship that are personal and I felt like sharing with him this holiday. I wrote these thoughts all day in and in between my classes. One note included: I’m happy you eat meat. I was in my environmental studies class being told I should convert to vegetarianism, what a class…. But I was so lucky, I got out of class early on Friday and was able to make it home to decorate the apartment, I made a little trail for him to follow. And then I waited. I tried to do homework, but I couldn’t really focus. I called him to see where he was, then I kinda fibbed and told him I was still at school. I let him find the hearts, while I hid in our bedroom, it would have just been weird me like staring at him read them.

He really enjoyed his present and I really enjoyed doing it for him. But he told me that since he thought I was coming home soon he had left the door open, but while he was reading the notes he figured I was hiding and locked the door. Don’t you see, I can’t get a thing past him, I even hid my truck! gahr.

The next day, after asking him to set the alarm for 8:30 because we had a primary activity, the crazy thing went off at 5:30, it’s usual time. I was so irked, I wanted sleep. But soon my man was complaining he wasn’t tired (in a tired voice but it was 6am). I got up to use the restroom then as I was in the hallway I saw him in the kitchen, grating potatoes. Here is my example. I had no clue what he was doing, or rather why he was doing what he was doing. I would have totally believed he was making dinner early. But as I walked by and kinda stared as I walked, still asleep, he grumbled in a “you caught me” voice, I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed. Well, obviously I got a little excited and skipped off to bed, and told him I would be asleep 😉 A little while later my love entered the bedroom with a bowl of cereal for me. I was so happy. He was like, “I didn’t use a recipe, so your hash browns came out all wrong.” He was so cute to try. He had even bought some little chopped up ham to make mine “covered and smothered”!
Our primary activity went well, half of our class was there and shared nicely, while we helped them make valentines. And we got strawberry shortcake, pretty amazing. Sadly I didn’t think to take my camera, but it was a blast.

After a Walmart trip, Jacob and I came home and crashed. We both slept the entire afternoon away. We woke up around dinner time and Jacob took a second try at hash browns. This time was an amazing sucess. He even liked them and he usually just puts ketchup on them, not cheese and ham. But we were still hungry so we made some wheat pancakes, oh so good! Jacob is a pro at pancake flipping (you should ask him about all the Kitchengineering courses he has taken!) and even spelt out our initials for the fun. And yes, I did eat my hash browns in bed, so it counts. Haha.

We continued our celebration onto Sunday where we treated ourselves to a good ole stomach ache with these bad boys:

But they were sooooooo Good!!!


  1. Everything looks so delicious that I’m getting hungry reading about your love-filled day of cooking and eating! 🙂

  2. So clearly I’ve missed a bunch in the past month. When did you two get a calling in primary? How awesome is primary?! I LOVE the nursery 🙂

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