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Our Honeymoon

Posted on Feb 21, 2009 by | 0 comments

Our Honeymoon was just perfect for us. After all of the excitement it was wonderful to get away. We rented out a cabin in Stuart’s Draft, only a few miles north of Lexington, VA. We drove up right after our reception (we tried to help out a bit, but no one would let us, I swear!).

When we got there we unloaded all of the bags and scoped out the cabin. I wish I had taken more pictures of the quaint little cabin, it was so cute! The front door led right into the kitchen, the next room was the great room which the bed and living room shared. It was actually nice to always have the fireplace in view, it was quite a mood setter. We also had a large bathroom with a skylight above the jacuzzi/shower. Out on our back porch one had a lovely view of my mountains, a nice pasture full of cows and the cutest little pond. We were freaked out by the cows mooing at night, so the hot tub on the porch was mainly for day-time enjoyment.

I really loved the fireplace. Jacob had to work hard to keep it roaring but it was always hot, flame or no, and we really enjoyed the ambiance. The cabin-keepers brought us breakfast our first morning there. Jacob pretty much fell in love with the huge chocolate chip muffin and granola with milk (homemade granola with all sort of nuts and dried fruit and granola and stuff, it was really good).

Monday was a great day. We decided with the good weather we should venture out to see Natural Bridge, my deprived (out of state) husband had never seen this natural wonder so off we went. Needless to say it was deserted. Which we loved. I forgot how anticlimatic it is that the bridge is just the begining of the nature walk. We got pretty whiny, or I got pretty whiny by the time we made it to the cascades. But it was all good. The weather was beautiful, a little dark but warm enough for only a light jacket, in January I couldn’t have asked for better weather, for the entire weekend. We snuck across into the bat guano area, maybe not such a smart idea. All of the other attractions were closed but our good friends Ruth and Mike, found out where we were honeymooning at our reception and suggested Foamhenge. I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure why they dont make some stairs (hills plus mud=scary!) We did both agree we needn’t see the real version now that we have an idea of the scale, ha.

After Foamhenge we decided to find some lunch in Lexington. While walking around the cute town we found in a thrift store a huge plush turtle pillow. His name is now Mr. Turtle. He was the perfect souvenir. We also found a sandwich and cake shop. The shop owner was so kind and his cheesecake bites were scrumptious.

Tuesday was quite a different story weather-wise, ick. It was rainy all day, and colder. Thankfully the cabin was stocked with movies and board games. But we were feeling cabin fever by dinner time and I decided that we would go out for dinner. After skating out to our car on the ice, and realizing we would have to chip our car open we thought twice and chose to make a fire and just stay warm for the evening.

Although we didn’t have a very long honeymoon, it was perfect for us. We definitely needed some time together, after all the time balancing families and school and work responsibilities. We welcomed the break and the days of cuddling 😀 But we are also excited to start our lives together, housewifery here I come.

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