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2 months and a Snow Storm

Posted on Mar 3, 2009 by | 2 comments

Yesterday was a snow day! Jacob and I didn’t even notice it was snowing on Sunday night, but the wind was blowing really bad. We were in bed, Jacob was almost asleep, when I just had to get up to see what kept on beating on our bedroom wall from outside. When I looked outside through the blinds the beauty of the snow hit me with excitement! I love snow, I always have. At home it meant no school, homemade bread, and getting pulled behind a tractor or ATV on a sled with duct-taped wrists and boots. I kind of woke up Jacob and made him look, he was like “yay, ok I’m going to bed.”

I called the school to see if it was closed yet, not yet, it was only 9:30 pm. Then after anxiously laying in bed I hopped up and put on some warm clothes to go outside in my bare feet. I tip toed around, I saw what was making the noise but couldn’t stop it. I made a little snow man for Jacob and put it on our back porch. Then I hurried back inside once my feet were sufficiently freezing. I was scared to get back in bed, fearing I would freeze Jacob awake, however, on a regular basis instead of saying “becca’s toes” or “your toes” he says “your ice cubes” so I thought it wouldn’t even make a difference: it didn’t.

While up I did take a picture, in case in the morning it was gone:
And yes, that’s Jacob’s little Yaris covered in inches of snow!

I woke up the next morning before the alarm. Or maybe I was just wide awake at the first alarm, but I usually never hear it so either way my dreams of snow prepared me for an early rising. I ran to our front window and saw all the cars buried in snow. I ran back and told him, in hushed excitement that he would NOT be going to work today. After his normal few snooze button times he got up and looked out with me. We then made some hash browns to celebrate our day off. by 6:30 I was informed school would be delayed, yay!

Here is a picture outside our back window, I snapped it while Jacob was making breakfast, it was sooo pretty, and all my footprints from the night before were covered with new snow!

Once the sun fully came out I decided it would be the perfect time to go out in the snow! Jacob reminded me, in between my begging, that it was cold. He really didn’t want to join me for some fun and I pouted at his anti-funness. Loser. (“I only have one pair of shoes” etc) Anyway, I put on my clothes ready to go build him a snowman, without him. I was looking for my shoes when I saw he had put on some jeans, he never wears jeans. YAY! I let him use my snow gloves and handed him a blue boy(ish) scarf. He stared at me: “I don’t know how to wear this.” haha, I almost handed him a green crocheted one when he was like, “no, I won’t.” bahaha. But I wrapped him all up cozy like and we were prepared for the weather.

Notice the sad face, I’m sure, just SURE, he was pretending he didn’t want to play in the only snow we may ever see in our entire lives.

We went outside and he immediately starts with snowballs, seriously? So we fought a bit. We ran around a lot, and he wrote I love you on my snowy window. We found a hill behind our building and tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too powdery and just fell apart, so we ended up wrestling instead. We both had snow everywhere and decided enough cold was enough cold.

Sadly we don’t have a fireplace so our kitchen floor had to take the brunt of our snowy clothes. (With this plus grinding meat, it was probably best that I mopped on Tuesday…)

It was loads of fun, I love the snow. He actually had to work but I did some homework, and finished that lab. I baked some cookies and enjoyed the day getting fully canceled. Actually we were supposed to open at noon. I have a class then, so Jacob brushed off my car for me.

And in 4-wheel-drive, I was on my way through the icy driveway of the apartment complex. At the first light I came too I got the text message telling me that school was completely closed. Couldn’t they have called 5 minutes earlier or before 15 minutes before classes were supposed to start?

After Jacob “got off work” at 5. We decided to trek out into the weather, which the roads were great, no ice at all and I was really surprised at the amazing road care a place that never gets snow has, but anyway we made it safe and sound to Sam’s and back. We picked up so much food. Brown sugar, cereal, milk, chips etc. We also looked at their meat. We were all out of chuck roasts and as we were standing in front of their roasts we discussed grinding our own meat. Jacob wanted to go to a normal grocery store so we could find some meat on sale, you know like the last few days to use it meat: reduced for quick sale. Well lying right in front of our chuck that we bought Jacob spotted that kind of meat! ha. It was sirloin, four large cuts of it, reduced down to $2.35/lb, which is 30 cents cheaper than their ground lean (90/10) beef. We were excited and drove home to have some sirloin for dinner and grind the rest for our next supply of hamburger.

It was beautiful meat, Jacob really enjoyed his steak, and I had strips. I was a little sad to grind it but it was time. We ended up with over 5 lbs of ground sirloin, which is actually leaner than 90/10, and although fat adds to flavor we usually put this ground stuff in something else and flavor is not a necessity. But enough shop, huh? sheesh, I get carried away sometimes.

The point is that this Monday we had an amazing day. It was our 2 month anniversary, we were snowed in, and still got to have a lot of fun, in the snow and inside. I love being with my husband, I hope he gets more work from home days soon.


  1. You guys were so productive on your snow day! Congrats on two months!

  2. i don’t even know what grinding meat means…

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