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Open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Posted on Mar 9, 2009 by | 2 comments

All weekend Jacob and I drove everywhere with the windows down, in the seventies is the perfect temperature for that. I gave him a hair cut on Friday so he was cool with it blowing in the wind. He even put his window down on the way to church, so I joined in to a lesser extent and didn’t even look representable at church. It was weird having all of the W&M people gone from church, including the Skinners (Italy) and the Jacobs (Charleston, I think). But our class was great. We had two of Dalin’s cousins in our class and we learned about repentance, worked on letters to their dads and we practiced our role playing for sharing time coming up, plus we were able to have the window open for class!

The pot roast we came home to was perfect. And I made some decent gravy to go with it. I’ve always struggled with gravy, so I was quite proud. Jacob got to work on his temple website, he is really learning about the temples, I love it.

Oh Saturday was beautiful too. Jacob and I went shopping all near where we live. We picked up another european pillow, now our bed looks just like the package (sooooo many pillows!). We also picked out some records from a local store, I got Kenny Rogers and Jacob got some record with Mr. Roboto on it. Then we treked out to campus, near the frats, and I practiced throwing a bit. I wanted to let him throw some too but he seemed kinda beat, so I just had a short practice and we went home. After lunch Jacob slept the rest of the afternoon away, ha. But I loved the weather! I really enjoy spring a lot 😀

My mom planted the garden on Saturday because it was nice back home too. I wish I could have been there to help, with dad healing she was all alone. But she loves it so. I wish I had one ray of sun on my back porch, we would have a barrel out there so fast! At least of tomatoes for my man.

And the only thing I don’t like about this weather is that the amount of spiders residing with us has increased; I’m so not cool with that.


  1. I promise I read the whole thing, but I have to agree on the increased spider front. Mike killed two within five minutes on Saturday! Enjoy your break!

  2. i love that you have a snow post and a spring post directly next to each other.. OH VIRGINIA!!

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