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Sunny Saturday

Posted on Mar 23, 2009 by | 2 comments

My Family!

I wish sunny always meant warm, but I shouldn’t complain because it was warm enough for me to throw in only two of my uniform tops.

Saturday really starts at midnight right? So this post will start with a Friday night activity that ended on Saturday: a movie date! I took Jacob out to a free film at the Kimball, I thought it was “sci-fi” turned out to be incestuous muck set in the future. It was also the film makers first feature-length film with no budget. But he was there answering some questions and such and filming the viewing for a current project.

When we got home around 12:30 I started freaking out about our apartment’s condition, which wasn’t too bad but since my parents were coming I was dying to at least pick up the 2nd bedroom and wipe down the bathrooms. Plus I was oddly uber awake after that horrible movie so we cleaned until 1:30ish, even though Jacob was almost falling asleep. Just call me “slave-driver Daisy.”

It was really great to see my parents, Rachel and her fiance, Jonathan, came too! Definitely a family affair. I threw pretty bad, but it was my first meet of the season, and I blame it on my almost-amputated toe. After I threw my six throws and left everyone came back to my apartment. I gave everyone the tour. Mom was like, it’s huge!! When they were in school they lived in like a basement room, so I suppose this is a little different. Mom was also surprised at how put together we had the place. Jacob has been living here for six months though, ha. But it was wonderful to have a clean, happy apartment to show to my family.

My parents got me a present. I opened it and found a coffee table book about science!! It has a lot of great pictures and tiny little blurbs about science, math, and medicine in it. I loved flipping through it with Jacob and telling him all about Thalidomide and the importance of sterochemistry or expounding to my parents about the AFM showed in one picture (“Hey! I do that!”), my parents just laughed.

After some chatting, us girls went into the kitchen to help make lunch. We made spaghetti and salad. Rachel was the chef at the stove, my mom was setting the table and making the salad, and I was busy finding all the tools they needed. It was so much fun having them over. My mom is such a great guest, well a great everything. But lunch was great, the boys liked it! And we got to chat about shopping and cooking and food storage. I love my family so much!

Right after dinner, the girls cleared the table and Jacob filled the dishwasher so our kitchen was just as clean as we had found it, uh-mazing! They left soon after a bit more chit chat and some chocolate treats. But they were really excited to see us and our apartment, and I loved being together, all of us. Jonathan and Jacob still have a lot to get used to, I think.

The night ended in p-chem studying and an organic synthesis problem set. At least I didn’t have to worry about cleaning, lol.


  1. i want to come to one of your meets! let me know when they are happening! also let me know what your weekend schedule is like. ciao, girl!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome saturday spent with family and chemistry — your two loves!

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