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The Aviation Adventure

Posted on Mar 29, 2009 by | 0 comments

Yesterday I had a meet. I’m so happy it didn’t rain 😀 It was supposed to, they even rushed all the morning events so that discus could start early and beat the rain. Wonderfully, the entire meet (on Saturday, at least) was free of rain.

Jacob and I wanted to go shopping since we were in Richmond. Somehow all of the stops we wanted were right there within like 8 miles of the field. We stopped at the dump, which isn’t any cheaper than anywhere else apparently, then got some free Burger King, yay, NuRide and coupons! We hit Greentops and Jacob stocked up on some ammo. It was too packed to really enjoy the store too much so we got some bullets and checked out.

On our way home on I-295 Jacob saw the sign for the Aviation Museum. He told me every time he sees that sign he wants to stop. Then he was like “is it that exit?” I didn’t see the sign or knew, but I said “yeah, that one.” I thought we were passing it and this was like a past tense kind of thing, shows you what I know. We crossed 3 lanes of highway, only almost running into one car to get off the exit that I thought we had for sure no chance of getting off at.

It was fun. The museum is right next to the “international” airport, it looked pretty small, like Roanoke-puddle-jumper small. But we pulled up and the first thing we saw of the museum was an SR-71 parked outside, only my fave plane ever!!!! I was so excited 😀

We were kind of bored at first, we aren’t really history people. (Jacob: “They need to put in some bullet points or something.”) But we enjoyed their cute diaramas of planes and laughed at the sign from the women’s lib movement that was tacked on the WWII stuff.

Soon, however, we found the interactive stuff.

We had to wait for a little boy to leave but I soon climbed in the plane. The “controls” aka one little stick, worked, and moved various parts of the plane. I would definitely be too scared to actually be up in the air this little thing, eek!

Me and my co-pilot in life:

We played with all the fun physics-y stuff and learned a bit about high air velocity’s relationship with low pressure (they are tight!) and played with their MANY wind tunnels, it was cool. Jacob and I played with the funnel-ball set-up for a little too long just waiting to get to do this:
Jacob tried to flip the plane, that is on a string…I never said I caught a smart one.

Dude, the engine or jet-thingy-mabob of the SR-71. We got to look up its rear, I was actually afraid too, I didn’t want to get sucked in/burned/blown away, so I made Jacob go first. As usual he pretended to do one or all of the above and then let me go. Isn’t he the greatest guinea pig?

Jacob promised me that he would make this little toy for our future little tot. Isn’t it adorable? It was more adorable with a child in it but SOMEBODY (aka Jacob) wouldn’t let me stalkerishly/child-molester-y take the picture with someone else’s child enjoying the toy. So all you get is the boring picture.

We were walking up to this plane and Jacob was like oh look they left the engine in! (We had seen the SR-71 as we were walking in an it had red round boards across it’s twin holes.) I guess he thought the walls were kind of like the engine we saw inside. Anyway the irony of the situation is pictured below:

I guess he wanted things to be fair:

Jacob made bad, but amusing jokes. All I wanted to do was touch the coolest plane ever!

This is my you are a dork (but you still make me laugh) face:

Mmmm, my two favorite things: Noming my man and the kewlest jet ever!!!!!!

Me – Touch the butt!
Jacob – No *stares at butt*
Me – Please, touch the butt!!!
Jacob – No, somebody stuffed trash up there.

“No ma’am, I will not touch that butt”/”eww trash” face. So cute:

I walked through mud to see the last plane. Jacob started to follow me, then went around on the pavement. I was a trooper and made it through! And yes I had to wipe off my shoes before beginning the trip home…
This is his sexy face, I believe. Scandalous!

Other cool things that did not get pictured:

  • The amazing astro-turf that every plane inside stood upon
  • The folding wings!!!! They just kind folded back like a bird’s against the plane body.
  • The painting of the floating pilots — freaky
  • The dolls of aformentioned pilots — even more freaky! (they didn’t have eyes…)

My week needed this awesome date, and even though it was my husband’s day with ammo and planes I had a great time too!

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