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Easter with the in-laws

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 by | 1 comment

For Easter and my UVa meet (back on April 10thish), Jacob’s family came up. Friday night we bought an airbed and just hung out. Saturday we got up early and left for my meet, we were there really early because they started an hour late. So my parents, who also came to UVA, suggested lunch and we drove up and down the block pulling crazy u-turns and following ugly firetrucks, bypassing the carryout papa john’s even though I wanted pizza really bad, but it was a bit chilly for new-comers to the sport so we wanted a warm place to sit as well. I threw pretty bad but it didn’t matter, the fam got to bond and we got to enjoy the company.
We stopped at Greentop on the way home, as well as Pierce’s…mmm BBQ.

Easter morning I woke to a beautiful Paula Deen Pie dish filled with candy, it was so sweet. And then of course I won the easter egg hunt, it’s my job. Church was great, it was nice belonging to my kids for a bit instead of Jacob’s family, haha. After a turkey dinner (and eating off the china for the first time :D) we crashed and watched the ‘burbs, it was hilarious (or at least Jacob and I thought so).

Sorry for the lack of pictures, we forgot the camera much of the time. But I think this sums up the Monday that they left:

P.S. be sure to ask me about Jacob’s favorite animal the next time you see me!

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  1. You were so brave hosting them a whole weekend….I don’t think I could have lasted 24 hours with my in-laws!

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