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“I wanted to put it on my head”

Posted on May 23, 2009 by | 1 comment

Tonight was grand. Jacob got home very quick considering it was a holiday weekend 😀 After dinner we went to take back our penny’s airbed that was holey. Since we didn’t have a receipt they gave us back more than we paid because we got it uber on sale and with a coupon. yay. But they only gave us a gift card so we just had to buy a dress (after looking at everything else in the store and finding nothing worth owning except a cute giraffe dress with sleeves). Double yay. After a Dick’s trip we decided that was enough shopping for one day. So driving home I felt ansy, as if home was too boring, aka Cabin Fever. So we hung out at Kidsburg with a milkshake. Jacob made me laugh the entire time. First he surfed, then we see-sawed. Then he rocked the zipline, I failed, as usual. Finally I played Juilette; my Romeo was a lame college guy who I apparently met at a frat party and wasn’t nice enough to even bring flowers (although he tried to pick some but was confronted by a mountie). As I tried to make my getaway down the slide the jeans prevented a swift escape. When my faux-chivalrous suitor helped me off the slide I ran, up the path, onto the pirate ship, under the deck only to be cut off by him. We laughed and flip flopped back to the car, enjoyably exhausted. I love playing with my husband.

I leave you with a piece of the night.

“Look, chips and dip.”
“It looks like a sombrero.”
“Yeah, when I saw it I wanted to put it on my head.”

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  1. Haha! This is why you two are fun 🙂

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