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Planting, Growing

Posted on May 23, 2009 by | 2 comments

Mother’s day (May 10th, this year) and my birthday (May 7th) have always been squished together. I’ve never minded, I love my mom and it’s fun to share the celebration with others. This year Jacob and I went home to my mom for the day. I love being with my mom. I got some sweet presents, including test tube spice racks and a temple quilting pattern. Also, we all worked in my mom’s garden. It was fun. I did the hoeing and planting. Rachel and Jacob played with string, made straight rows and helped dad with the tilling.
Rachel’s house is coming along. Her and Jonathan have been landscaping a bit, they’ve planted some flowers and put down some rocks and such, it looks so nice. She is having a cook out this weekend with some close friends, I’m so happy she is really finding happiness.

It felt really good to be done with exams, I finished my in-class exams on Friday and Jacob finished his launch on Friday too so we were free for the weekend! Granted, I returned to a full day of take-home hardcoreness (it was due Tuesday morning) and Jacob to some bugs but I love seeing my fam.


  1. I am with you — visiting family is the best!

  2. this post is missing my favorite picture from facebook, i think you know what i am talking about.

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