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Yard Sale-ing

Posted on May 4, 2009 by | 1 comment

The past two weekends I have had a ton to do, crazy end of the semester! But instead of date nights Jacob and I have had Saturday date mornings. Jacob absolutely loves yard saleing, and what woman doesn’t love spending her husbands money? Last weekend was one of the first nice Saturdays this year, which was great because the young women in our ward were having a yard sale fundraiser. We took over our old tape deck and some computer bags and picked up some VHSs for a quarter each, booyah (we totally watched Notting Hill soon after purchase 😀 love it!) and Jacob picked up a metal detector. We then just drove around looking for signs and found several nice ones and several “popcorn”ed ones (our code word for KEEP DRIVING!/let’s get out of here!). Our morning ended up at CHKD and we found a table, yay! Great wood, missing the hardware but the instructions came with it so we could buy the hardware, yay! We also got into a conversation about swiss-made sewing machines with a lady also looking at tables, but anyway. After Lowe’s and Home Depot and a bit of writing (I had to do homework some time, sheesh) Jacob discovered our table was hugely tall. So instead of the sewing table I wanted I got a craft table to stand out, perfect for scrapbooking and rotary cutting.

Yesterday was a bit less eventful. The “neighborhood” yard sale we saw advertised had about 2 houses involved, good thing we saw other signs. I found an awesome bolt of silk fabric for ten bucks, we got home and found that it was over 9 yards!!! woot. Jacob and I found some records and we almost bought me a desk but it was a bit too small. The salespeople were very excited to get rid of it but Jacob wouldn’t give them the money, le sigh. One day I will have the sewing room I dream of. We found a flea market in NewTown and stopped by. Everything was way more than yard sale prices but we did find a little ity bitty mailbox bank for a dollar, it was way too cute to pass up. Mexican resturant + naps = the rest of my procrastination yesterday. And after some hardcore studying the sister missionaries dropped in and we got to chat. I hope to have them over more, they are great.

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  1. I love that you have a code word to pass sketchy yard sales — cracks me up!

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